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Why Is Social Media Marketing Important?

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Why Is Social Media Marketing Important?

Why Is Social Media Marketing Important

This is the second part of the series on SMM titled “Why Is Social Media Marketing Important?”.

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If you have been pondering about Why Social Media Marketing is important, then you are not alone. Social Media Marketing is key for SEO. SEO is Search Engine Optimization and it is the process of affecting the Visibility of a website or webpage in a seach engines Natural or Organic Search  results.

So what does this mean to you? Should you go out and lock up every social media handle or page for your brand?. NO, but google algorithm states that it takes social media presence and cloud highly important or into account in its algorithm for ranking your website.

So if you do have a facebook or twitter, pinterest or google plus , you don’t want it just locked up and the profile to be a ghost town/Barren land. You want to be engaging with people, creating original content and posting on a regular basies. Those are all things google takes into account.

So yes, have a great website that’s mobile friendly but also have at least two or three social media networks that you use regularly and post on. Personally, I like facebook, twitter and tumblr because I can automatically set it up. When I post to my facebook, it will post to my twitter and tumblr. So by doing this, you are creating social cloud and a following on various networks which google really likes because they see you as a quality item that they want to rank highly in their search engine.

However, let me just expand clearly why Social media marketing is important?.

Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Is Important

Increased Brand Recognition

Think of social media as a new channel for expanding your brand. You are reaching new people and new demographics by creating profiles on all these various social media platforms.

Improved Brand Loyalty

Several studies have shown that companies that are very active on their social media have a loyal fan following. Think about it; a customer can reach you directly. When has that ever been available?. You can poll them, you can ask your audience what they want for the next product or for the next service. It’s a very social friendly environment which really creates this loyalty.

More Opportunities To Convert

Just think about it: In the past you just have your brick and mortar store and your website possibly but now people dont have to just find your website. They can find you via somebody sharing you on twitter. They can find you in a pinterest post. It’s more opportunities to convert people in that sales funnel to your website.

Higher Conversion Rates

If you have more people going to your website, it means more eyes seeing your product. Obviously, if it is a quality product, there’s good review , behind it a good social cloud on all media platforms. Your conversion rates obviously going to be higher.

Higher Brand Authority

Like I mentioned in the loyalty point, when people love your brand or love the product, where are they going to go first?.  They are going to post a picture on their facebook, they are going to post them wearing your product on instagram. Then brand authority has been taken into the next level with social media platforms.

Increased Inbound Traffic

This relates to more opportunities to convert. Obviously, if your website is on all these different social media platforms getting shared by different people, getting reposted or retweeted. This increases your inbound traffic.

Decreased Marketing Costs

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Social media decreases your marketing costs. Yes we have to pay for facebook Ads but think about it. Once these items start to get shared, that’s all viral, that’s not an actual facebook Ad cost. If you share an item that says $10 off today only. I see the item and I know my friend would love this. I am defintely going to share it.

Better Search Engine Rankings

So yes, you can do SEO on your website, have correct titles with keywords, well written contents on your website blog. But ultimately google’s algorithm states that social media is a bigpart of linking. So if you have this cloud, if you have this sharing capability connected to your domain, it’s only going to help you in Search Engine ranking.

Richer Customer Experiences

If I got to target and buy an item? Yes I can go and return it if I am unhappy. But with social Media, I can have instant customer interaction. I post a photo, I can reply as the brand and say thanks, I really appreciate your support. Instantly, that customer has an experience.

“Wow they really care that I purchased a product. I’m going to share that with somebody. It’s amazing how these little interactions with customers directly can really really enhance their purchase experience.

Improved Customer Insights

Like I said, that instant feedback whether if you are on Yelper, google reviews or not, you are going to get that instant feedback that can help you shape your company and shape your products for the better. So on the whole, Social media is just so important on all levels from customer interaction to traffic, to google rank . So really take advantage of this asset.

That’s the much we can take on the topic “Why Is Social Media Marketing Important?”.

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