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Top Content Management System for Small Business

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Top Content Management System for Small Business

Top Content Management System for Small Business,o3techy

There are increasing Content Management Systems that are available small business publication. They provide you with a lot of features like managing and organizing your websites. it takes care of any technical matters concerning your website so you do not have to worry about the coding aspects. In your search for a suitable Content Management System, you will come across many that are useful for e-commerce and some that are best for information, education and so on.

This article will explore the top Content Management System.

Top Content Management System for Small Business

Top Content Management System for Small Business,o3techy

Best Content Management System for information

  1. WordPress

Undoubtedly, this is the best content management system for information that there is, it even has a record of over 27% of websites available today.

With WordPress, your websites and content will be managed and organize and you can also customize your website for optimum efficiency without worrying about coding it or programming from the backend. Although it is best for information sites with its incorporation with SEO and adsence, you can also integrate effectively with woocommerce if you want to diversify into e-commerce.

Their services cost about $25 per month with unlimited features.

  1. Squarespace

Like WordPress, square space is an ideal choice for a startup to create an informative website, with customizable themes for non-programmers.

However, unlike WordPress, it features some kind of restrictions as it does not allow for a lot of customization and it requires its own hosting service also.

Subscription goes for about $18 and it allows for Google AdWords.

Content management system for e-commerce

  1. Shopify

This is like the WordPress for informative sites, it is the best-known management system to best handle all business and their e-commerce website. It packages consist of pre-designed theme well known to attract customers to your sites and easy to navigate. It supports payment using PayPal, Amazon pay, stripe, and many more.

  1. Woocommerce

It is very compatible with WordPress, it features pre-designed themes and templates which allow users to add as many products as wished. It supports payment form several hundred payment gateways such as PayPal, Amazon pay and more.

There you have it, the Top Content Management System for Small Business. Don’t forget to comment on the comment section below.

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