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The SEO Journey With No Money 2020 – Working Guide To Implementing SEO With Little Resources

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The SEO Journey With No Money – Working Guide To Implementing SEO With Little Resources

After Several Pressure from friends, colleagues and other wonderful individuals in the blogging industry, we @ O3TECHY have decided to do a comprehensive SEO series where we will talk about Search Engine Optimization from scratch using the simplest language possible.

The Series of posts will be valuable to you irrespective of wether you have no prior knowledge, some familiarity or related knowledge or comfortable or advanced about Search Engine Optimization.

The SEO Journey With No Money

Therefore, you could follow us in this series wether you are taking this course for personal  interest or professional reasons. Likewise, if you want to start a new business someday, solve specific challenge at work by learning a new skill, improve an existing skill, gain a missing skill to re-enter the workforce or change careers, then this post is for you.

You could use what you will learn from this SEO series to build an app, start a business, get in shape, reduce stress and so much more. We will concentrate our attention here on more than 40 SEO factors along with some couple of free online SEO tools to take your website to the top spot on google search with Search Engine Optimization.

We assure you that each of these episodes will be prepared and polished with loads of rare information and hands on SEO tutorials that produces results as well as examples or research data to justify the factors we are going to be concentrating on.

The SEO Journey With No Money – Working Guide To Implementing SEO With Little Resources

Series Outlines

  1. Introduction
  2. Technical SEO factors
  3. Page Speed SEO
  4. Quick Steps To Get Indexed Faster by Search Engines
  5. User Experience Search Engine Optimization
  6. Keyword Research SEO
  7. How To Prevent Negative SEO Attack

Having done an inntroduction above, we will give a small touch to each of these series which we have outlined here to enable us have a full understanding on what we are going to learn today.

Technical SEO Factors

Under theis episode, we are going to quite a number of sub-episodes. Technical SEO factors do not only help your website to increase its search engine ranking but also very essential to enter into the search engine result pages otherwise referred to as SERPs.

Page Speed SEO

We are going to See several speed insights as well as how to get a fast loading website in this episode. We will discuss five speed testing tools (online) as well as how to get page speed reports. Likewise, after taking some fail safe other wise known as precautions, we will talk about how to make the page speed optimizations.

Generally, getting a page speed less than 3 seconds is not a herculean task but getting a page speed of a second or less than a second,  that’s something incredible.

Along with that mind blowing speed, if you can get a google page speed score of 95% and also a green thick for mobile page speed from google as it used to be but has now been modified by google, How would you feel? That’s what you will attain when you are through with this episode.

Quick Steps To Get Indexed Faster

Here in this episode, you will learn 4 quick steps to get indexed faster by google . In addition to that, you will also apply the technique to get speedy indexing by other search engines like bing and yandex.

USER Experience SEO

In this episode, you will learn and utilize about 12 User experience SEO factors. The SEO factors in this section are quite advanced and new to the world wide web. These are not quick fixes like Technical SEo or page speed episode. You need to make sure that you follow these 12 factors everyday or whenever you publish a new post or a page or a product.

In a nutshell, you will learn to improve your user experience on your website by adopting various techniques to reduce bounce rate and to increase the user’s time spent on your site there by improving your search engine rankings and sustaining the top position for a long time.

Keyword Research SEO

Here, you will come to terms with about 7 keyword research SEO factors and 5 free online tools to make that process easier for you. Brainstorming keywords is the right way to start because when you start to assume something in SEO, then it means you have started to fail.

The keyword strategy that we will use here are my our unique strategy which you can find keywords which can rank on front page of google even without link building.

Prevent Negative SEO Attack

Will you believe that any of your jealous smart competitor can bring down the ranking of your website? Unfortunately, you should. Generally, people talk about Black hat SEO which doesnt work anymore after google penguin and panda, algorithm updates. But still, there is a dark side of SEO that still works and its called Negative SEO.

If your competitor does that on your website or if you yourself unknowingly triggers it, then you risk loosing all your search engine ranking you’ve attained so far.

That’s why we will show you how to protect your site from negative SEO attacks in this episode.

This and much more is what we will look at on this topic “The SEO Journey With No Money – Working Guide To Implementing SEO With Little Resources”.

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