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Silver Extraction From Waste Business | Extraction Of Silver Pdf

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Silver Extraction From Waste Business | Extraction Of Silver Pdf

Silver Extraction From Waste Business

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Do you know that you can extract pure silver from the wastes around you? Silver extraction business is deeply rooted into the recycling industry and many Nigerians and individuals from other west African countries like Kenya, Ghana etc. have used this business to make themselves millionaires. I know a Nigerian who is currently in India because of this business.

I never knew of this business until few hours ago when a US based friend of mine exposed this to me on Facebook. He told me, Do you know that there is wealth in waste? I know of the billion-dollar potentials in waste recycling business, but silver extraction business was strange. In fact, that was my first time coming across such a word.

Every street in Nigeria is literally lined with silver but sadly, many still regard waste as waste here in Nigeria.

This article is going to be an eye opener to silver extraction business and how you can easily begin this business irrespective of whether you stay in India, Nigeria, Ghana etc.

In the words of my dear US based entrepreneur, “On every street corner, slum, are heaps of waste worth around 300 billion euros”. This stat isn’t made up, it’s actually a report commissioned by the Environmental Service Company Voelia.

While I was digging around this lucrative silver extraction business, I came across a well-established business man on Nairaland and he was honest enough to expose how this business has made him a millionaire.

There’s no detailed write up about this profitable millionaire maker business, silver extraction business on the web. The few ones I came across in the cause of my research were only selling eBooks. Well, I’ve got no money to waste yet. If you’re on this page, you’re at luck!

Where Does Silver Come From?

FROM THE GROUND? Allow me to laugh at you a little hahahahahaha… You’re not wrong. Silver is gotten from the earth, but smart entrepreneurs are getting it from waste. There are two major ways silver can be extracted without mining the ground, that is;


Not only can you extract silver with these processes, you can also extract gold but for the sake of this article, I will focus on silver extraction business.

How to Extract Silver

1. Electrolysis Machine

Buy or build an electrolysis machine. This machine is what will help you extract silver from your waste materials. Make a research on how to build or buy this machine.

2. Find Waste

To be able to use the machine to extract silver in this silver extraction business, you’ll need to sought for film rolls, x-ray films and many other photographic chemicals. This can be gotten from hospitals, photography shops etc. You can generate about 0.254 grams of pure silver from each roll of 24-exposed film.

3.Your Station

You need a space If you must succeed in this silver extraction business. Set up your electrolysis station, then fill your machine with caustic solution and turn the machine on.

However, if you’re using a local homemade electrolysis machine, you will have to place hot water and your caustic solution into the rubber tub, place the charger plates in the solution and turn on the charger.

4. Preparation

To get the best result in silver extraction business, make sure your materials are well prep for best result. In other to do that, pour them into the electrolysis tank. If you’re working with films, you’ll need to burn them first before dumping their ashes in the tank.

5. Completion

This is the final stage in silver processing. Once you have poured your materials in the electrolysis machine, allow the silver to be leached out by the chemical reactions created by the caustic solution and the chemical current. Please, don’t leave during this process unless you know the exact time the silver process will complete.

6. Final Process

Collect your silver and turn off your machine. Remove the silver flakes from the charger plates and onto a paper towel. Furthermore, use the tweezers to move the silver flakes into a glass jar.

How to begin A Silver Extraction Business

1. Market Research

Before delving into any kind of business, you have to do your homework to avoid mistakes and regrets. For you to be here, it means you’re already on track in that research.

From your research, you will know how big the silver market is and who you potential buyers are. From your research, you’ll gain enough data that will help you put together a detailed silver extraction business plan.

2. Required Waste

Like I already mentioned in this article, you’ll need waste such as x-ray films, film rolls and other photographic chemicals. Get in touch to sources where these materials can be gotten like hospitals and photographic shops and start this silver extraction business immediately.

3. Space

Every business requires a space to operate. It could be large or small. In silver extraction business, what you need is just your backyard. No need to waste money on rent.

4. Tools and Equipment

In this case, what I’m referring to is the chemicals needed to process silver, rubber buckets, your electrolysis machine etc.

5. Marketing

Don’t ever think of making these Mallams (Hausas) your buyers. They are the worst buyers because they pay peanuts for your hard earned silver. The demand for silver is very high, and more lucrative during recession because you’re paid in dollars.

The real buyers will not pay you peanuts, they buy at international price and because of the scarcity of silver, they are willing to make you their constant supplier and also ready to pay more.

Profit Potentials In Silver Extraction Business

In the cause of my research, I discovered that the price of silver was N186 per grain.

Imagine if you were able to extract 1kg of silver which is (1-gram x 1000), N186 X 1000 = N186,000. I’m yet to see an employee that earns that much here in Nigeria.

Let me water the ground one more time. What if you extracted about 5kg, that is N186 X 5000 = N930,000.

I think I have to stop here. These amounts are causing me to have goosebumps. The truth of the matter is; silver extraction business can make you a millionaire if you play your ball well by expanding, getting more machines, employing more hands, getting steady supply of these materials and chemicals needed. Buyers aren’t a problem because demand is yet to be met.

Silver extraction business is what many hardcore players are packaging in form of eBooks, seminars etc. for a huge price. This article came on a platter of gold and please, don’t joke with the information. The best you can do is share this post, to help others discover a lucrative business that they can do and make money.

That’s the much we can take on the topic “Silver Extraction From Waste Business | Extraction Of Silver Pdf”.

Thanks For Reading


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