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Sewing Business Plan 2019/2020 Pdf

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Sewing Business Plan 2019/2020 Pdf

Sewing Business Plan

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Starting an online sewing business is just one way to become a rich renowned fashion designer provided you know how to maximize opportunities. Everything is going online and seamless, and fashion is one aspect online users don’t joke with.

There are many online business one can do at home, but I never thought sewing will be among until an O3techy reader tickled me with the idea. After an intense research, I discovered that this business isn’t saturated like many other online business out there. This business has the potential to make you a fashion celebrity if you can just take a step.

I spend approximately 20 minutes in front of the mirror, making sure I look sweet before stepping out of the door. Sorry to disappoint you, i’m not Mark Zuckerberg who wears one polo everyday. Here in Nigeria, people don’t joke with fashion either. I think it’s more like a competition and that’s enough reason this business is very lucrative.

This article is going to be a detailed guide on how to start an online sewing business here in Nigeria, or anywhere in the world. It is not capital-intensive nor does it require any special skill. In fact, knowing how to sew is optional cause you can be a middle man between the customer and a tailor and at the end, make your gains doing little or nothing. Online sewing business is an interesting one.

How To begin An Online Sewing Business

1. Trading In The Art Of Sewing

Like i said previously, this is optional but definitely an advantage. Like most skill businesses like barbing, makeup etc, you’ll need to train or get someone with the skill before venturing into this business. This can be done by meeting a professional tailor.

You might be required to provide some items or sign an agreement before you’re accepted as an apprentice, it’s a normal practice anywhere in Nigeria. You will have to train for a year or more until you have master the skill. Don’t be in a haste cause your success lies on how good you are. The more you learn, the more creative you become.

2. Select Your Niche

Fashion is a broad term and obviously won’t make sense if you go into all. You have to narrow your business by focusing on a niche you believe is more profitable. It could be men’s wear, ladies or kids. Whichever one, make sure you’re efficient.

You might ask me, “Why should I niche?” Well, as a starter, it’s recommended you start as a niche designer and as you grow, can then diversify. This is done in other to keep you focus and not too confused or drained. When you’re ready to diversify, you would have already employ extra staffs who will help lighten up the load.

3. Get a Business Plan

This is very paramount if you really want to make success in this business. Not having a business plan is like delving into an ocean without first checking if it is safe or not. You’re not writing this business plan for a billionaire investor, you’re writing for yourself so there’s no need to be scared.

Run a feasibility study and find out what’s on top demand. Discover what’s competitive and what’s not. Ask yourself, who are my potential customers and how can they be reached? Analyze everything, Including the overall cost needed to start this online sewing business.

4. Get an E-commerce Store

This is usually the stage where I talk about getting a strategic location for your business, but since it’s online, an e-commerce store is what you need. An e-commerce store is a platform where you’ll display all the wears on stock, including having a feature where customers can request for an entirely different design if they were unable to find it in the store.

An e-commerce store is not different from stores like Konga, Jumia, Jiji etc.. The only difference is that you’ll be dealing on wears alone. This store can be set up by a professional web designer and developer who will give you an awesome looking platform that’s free from bugs or glitches.

5. Start Business Promotion

After you have acquire the needed skill, a business plan and an online store, what you need to succeed is getting lots of patronage and it won’t come if you don’t promote your online sewing business. There are many ways to promote your business and if all of them are incorporated, will make a difference.

As one in the fashion industry, staying close to fashion bloggers or blogs might one day pay off. I recently wrote an article on how to effectively promote your business to drive more sales. Feel free to read it HERE cause that’s where your success lies.

TIP: Follow popular celebrities on Instagram and try to criticise their wears in a constructive way. Their fans may come at you, does it matter? You need the exposure. However, if the celebrity respond to your criticism, I think you’re made for life cause you will become a celebrity overnight and your fashion business will boom.

As you progress in this business, you’ll have to consider having an office and a faster delivery system that can be afforded by your customers. One major hassle online store face is the issue of delivery, especially if the customer lives in a far away state. The only way to tackle this issue is by striving to have head offices in almost all the states. This isn’t done overnight, a thousand miles begins with a step.

Online sewing business is a goldmine if only the processes involved are duly followed. With lots of promotion, you’ll be making enormous amount of money you may not have thought is possible. Not only will you be able to make money through selling of wears, you become a celebrity. Your e-commerce store is also a money-making platform on its own cause adverts space can be sold. This is a liquid gold business.

That’s the much we can take on the topic “Sewing Business Plan 2019/2020 Pdf”.

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