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Peugeot 406, 407 and 408 Prices In Nigeria 2020

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Peugeot 406, 407 and 408 Prices In Nigeria 2020

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The Peugeot brand is commonly used in government agencies and in interventions especially the armed forces, reasons for that we do not fully know. It is a very old brand that has lasted for several centuries and somehow it has managed to retain its relevance in the Nigerian auto market.

The 406 and 407 are commonly used and they will continue to meet the demand of its esteemed users.


Peugeot 406, 407 and 408 Prices In Nigeria [2019],o3techy

Peugeot 406 model was produced and sold between 1995 and 2004, and since then its production was stooped. It is a front-engine and a front-wheel-drive vehicle with a variety of engine, 1.6L I4 petrol, 2.0L I4 petrol, and, 2.1LI4 diesel.

Peugeot 406 price in Nigeria

Since its production stooped in 2005 there are apparently no brand new 406 but foreign used and locally used 406 are readily available

Model year Foreign used prices Locally used prices
2009 1.3 – 2.8 million
Peugeot 406 1.8 1.5 – 2.8 million
Peugeot 408 4.6 450 000 – 850 000

Things you should know about the Peugeot 406

It has a good road handling

Effective suspension system

Availability of space

Easy to ride/ operate

Undoubtedly, there are some things you will not like about the vehicle, including

It has a high running cost

Its too simple a design

It lacks cruise control;

Peugeot 407 prices in Nigeria

This brand was produced right after the 406 was discontinued, it has some similar characteristics to the previous model also

I was launched in 2010, it as a race car version called the 407 silhouettes. It has a variety f engine choice 1.8L IT petrol, 2.0L I4 petrol, 1.6L I4diesel, and 2.9L V6 petrol.

Foreign used peugeot 407 – 2.2 – 3.5 million naira

locally used price == 750 000 – 1.7m million naira

Things you will like about the Peugeot 407 are

High-performance engine

It can evidently stand the test of time\it has good and airy space

It has a beautiful exterior design

It can guarantee comfort while driving

Things you may not like about it includes

It seems to appear sluggish

It also has a high running cost.


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