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2020 Mercedes Benz G-Wagon-Class Prices In Nigeria And Review

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2020 Mercedes Benz G-Wagon-Class Prices In Nigeria And Review

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There are several luxury vehicles available today that are fashionable, exclusive and topnotch and failure to mention the 2019 Mercedes Benz G-Wagon-Class prices, the list will definitely not be complete.

This vehicle comes in an excellent design that is stylish and also provides maximum comfort in any type of road. The G-Class as is widely known is a four-wheel-drive medium-sized luxury SUV (sports utility vehicle) that was manufactured in the late ’70s.

Originally, it was built to be a military vehicle and has served a sone for several years before a civilian brand was made out of the many demands because of its exotic style. It offers off-road capabilities and also provides maximum comfort and safety for users.

Although, it may suffice to say that the 2019 Mercedes Benz G-Wagon is sold at exorbitant prices no wonder only the rich and influential gets to drive this beauty.

This article form o3techy will provide you with 2020Mercedes Benz G-Wagon Prices In Nigeria And Review for new vehicles, foreign used vehicles and even locally used prices.

There exist various brands of the Mercedes Benz G_Wagon and they have cost differently depending on the version you are purchasing from 70 – 120million.

                     NEW 2019 Mercedes Benz G-Wagon-Class Prices In Nigeria And Review

.  2019 Mercedes Benz G-Wagon-Class G550 Price although this version is the least expensive in the G-Wagon series, it has valuable features including an Apple car play, Android Auto, Bluetooth, Mercedes Comand infotainment system, rearview camera, heated front, and back seat, adaptive cruise control navigation, blind-spot monitoring and a satellite ratio to mention a few. It is powered by a turbocharger 8-cylinder Vengine

            Mercedes Benz G-Wagon-Class G550 Prices = 70 – 85million

. 2019 Mercedes Benz G-Wagon-Class AMG G63 Price

There are two high-performance version in the G-wagon class and the G63 class is one of the duos, it has improved leather seatings and a high-performance braking system, armed with a sport-tuned suspension system. It is also powered by a turbocharger 8-cylinder 563hp engine

Mercedes Benz G-Wagon-Class G63 Price = 65 – 80million

. Mercedes Benz G-Wagon-Class AMG G65 Price

It is the second of the duo high-performance version in the G-wagon class. It features an extra styling that is not present in the previous versions. It is powered by a twin turbocharger 12cylinder 621hp engine. That means more fuel consumption.

Mercedes Benz G-Wagon-Class AMG G65 Price = 85 – 100million

. Mercedes Benz G-Wagon-Class G550 4X42  Price

Also known as the chief beast in the G-Class series, it features over 17” ground clearance, adjustable suspension system, portal axles, 22”wheels, and heavy-duty tires, but it does not contain some features like the adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, rear seat entertainment system, and, front and back sensors.

Mercedes Benz G-Wagon-Class G550 4X42 Price = 100 – 120million

Foreign  Used 2019 Mercedes Benz G-Wagon-Class Price In Nigeria And Review

2019 Mercedes Benz G Wagon Class Price In Nigeria And Review,o3techy

            Model year                                                       price in Nigeria

2016 Mercedes Benz G-Wagon-Class                        50 – 80 million

2015 Mercedes Benz G-Wagon-Class                      40 – 70 million

2014 Mercedes Benz G-Wagon-Class                      26 – 65 million

2013 Mercedes Benz G-Wagon-Class                      25 – 55 million

2012 Mercedes Benz G-Wagon-Class                      23 – 40 million

2011 Mercedes Benz G-Wagon-Class                      22 – 36 million

2010 Mercedes Benz G-Wagon-Class                     18 – 33 million

2009 Mercedes Benz G-Wagon-Class                     20 – 36 million

2008 Mercedes Benz G-Wagon-Class                     16 – 30 million

Locally used Mercedes Benz G-wagon prices in Nigeria

Model year                                                       price in Nigeria

2017 Mercedes Benz G-Wagon-Class           25 – 60 million

2014 Mercedes Benz G-Wagon-Class           20 – 55 million

2013 Mercedes Benz G-Wagon-Class          15 – 40 million

2012 Mercedes Benz G-Wagon-Class          12 – 38 million

2009 Mercedes Benz G-Wagon-Class          11 – 30  million

2008 Mercedes Benz G-Wagon-Class          10 – 20 million

2007 Mercedes Benz G-Wagon-Class          07 – 15 million

2006 Mercedes Benz G-Wagon-Class          5 – 13 million

2004 Mercedes Benz G-Wagon-Class          5- 12 million

2003  Mercedes Benz G-Wagon-Class         4 -7 million

2002 Mercedes Benz G-Wagon-Class         3 – 4 million

2001 Mercedes Benz G-Wagon-Class          2 – 3 million

Although locally used cars are much cheaper than the foreign used one’s their price are all dependent on the overall state of the car including the state of the tires, suspensions, braking system, and the command infotainment system.

In other to buy a 2019 Mercedes Benz G-Wagon in Nigeria there are some things you should know. To know more about the Mercedes Benz G-Wagon CLICK HERE

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