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2020 Hyundai Cars & Prices In Nigeria And Full Specifications

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2020 Hyundai Cars- Prices In Nigeria And Full Specifications

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It’s no new story that Nigerians have a knack for class and exquisite cars, no wonder Hyundai cars are gaining a lot of popularity in Nigeria. It speaks in volume when it talks about customers’ class, comfort, wonderful drive experience. Hyundai cars are not very popular as its counterpart in the auto-industry but have gained a lot of admiration from its users in Nigeria.

Although they made quite an entrance in Nigeria 20 years ago Hyundai cars have constantly been improving the quality of their models both in their interior design and their exterior designs. No wonder the latest Elantra, Accent, and Sonata presents a clear definition of beauty and perfection.

The Hyundai cars have a lot of advantages as you have earlier read but it also has its disadvantages owing to the fact that their spare parts are difficult to find in Nigeria, but that has in no way stooped the brand from having a lot of admirers and users.

Let’s go forward and take a look at some of the latest Hyundai brands and their prices.

Hyundai Cars- prices in Nigeria and full specifications

Prices of Hyundai Elantra in Nigeria

Formerly known as Lantra, the Elantra is observed to be the most popular brand in Nigeria it has also been the best product on the Hyundai line in recent years.

The latest Hyundai Elantra comprises of some cool features including adaptive cruise control, lane departure intervention, forward collision mitigation, a turbo-charged 1.4litre engine tuned for fuel economy, a new 2.0litre engine, and a sporty i.6liter turbo-charged 4-cylinder that is designed to raise pulses.

The latest Elantra comes in four main trims SE, ECO, LIMITED, AND SPORTS, each trim determining their prices. For a brand new Elantra, the price varies from 8million to 12 million naira in Nigeria.

Foreign used Hyundai Elantra

Model year Price in Naira
2001 – 2006 3million
2007 – 2010 4million
2011 – 2014 6million
2015 9million
2016 9million

Locally used Hyundai Elantra

Model year Prices in Naira
2001 – 2006 980,000
2007 – 2010 1.8million
2011 – 2014 4milion
2015 – 2016 6million

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Prices of Hyundai Accent in Nigeria

Although the Hyundai Accent is Hyundai most fragile and the smallest car it can still boast of quality and high-class features.

This brand is available as either Hatch (SE & SPORTS variation), or as Sedan (base SE & VALUE edition), it is powered by a 1.4litre 4 cylinder engine. This car is silent, soft on the road and don’t cost much on maintenance

Hyundai Accent is also the cheapest brand and a brand new car cost about 6.5million to 7million depending on the model.

Foreign used Hyundai Accent

Model year Price in Naira
2005-2014 1 – 2 million
2015 – 2016 1.5 – 3 million

Locally used Hyundai Accent

Model year Prices in Nigeria
2005 – 2014 900,000 – 1.5 million
2015 – 2016 1 – 2 million

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Prices of Hyundai Sonata in Nigeria

The Hyundai Sonata is a medium car with a touch of class, family size, it has a much more spacious interior, or let’s just say it is the “CAMRY” of the Hyundai brand.

Depending on the model of the Hyundai Sonata a brand new car would cost between 11million to 17 million

Foreign used Hyundai Sonata

Model year Prices in Naira
2000 – 2005 700, 000 – 1.5 millon
2006 -2010 1 million – 3million
2011 – 2015 3.5 million – 8 million

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Locally used Hyundai Sonata

Model year Price in Nigeria
2000 – 2005 500, 000 – 900, 000
2006 – 2010 750, 000 – 2 million
2011 – 2015 2.5 million – 4 million

Prices of other Hyundai cars in Nigeria

Brand new Hyundai cars in Nigeria

Hyundai Genesis – 15 – 17 million

Hyundai Santa-Fe – 17 – 20 million

Hyundai Tucson – 10 – 13 million

Hyundai ilo  – 9 – 11 million

Hyundai ix35 – 10 – 12 million

Used Hyundai cars in Nigeria includes,

Hyundai iLo

Model year Foreign used prices Locally used price
2007  –  2014 800 000 – 4 million 650 000 – 1 million

Hyundai Santa-Fe jeep

Model year Foreign used price Locally used prices
2001 – 2005 1.4 – 1.7 million 1 – 1.5 million
2006 – 2011 3 – 4.5 million 1.5 – 3 million
2012 – 2016 4 – 6 million 2.5 – 4 million

Hyundai Tucson Jeep

Model year Foreign used prices Locally used prices
2005 – 2014 1.8 – 4 million 1 – 2 million

Hyundai ix35 SUV

Model year Foreign used prices Locally used prices
2012 – 2014 1.7 – 3 million

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