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How To Start Noodles Business 2019/2020 Pdf

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How To Start Noodles Business 2019/2020 Pdf

How To Start Noodles Business

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Just few hours ago, I came across a noodles stand business here in Umuahia and I couldn’t but wonder in amazement. This is a business that has no competition at all. The owner of the noodles stand, a young lady was making lots of money, just by serving cooked noodles to her customers. Of course I went inside to have my own share and it was damn delicious, unlike the one I usually cook myself.

As I was devouring my own plate of noodles with a chicken wing on top, I was noting down important requirements needed to start this business so as to share with you. This is a business that anyone can start with at least, N50,000. That’s pretty much okay for anyone who wants to delve into a business that guarantees steady income.

Noodles stand business is indeed lucrative, judging from how customers was trolling in and out of the stand. This noodles stand was located by the road side, a perfect spot for it. In this article, I’m going to guide you on how to start this noodles stand business anywhere in Nigeria.

If you’re a student, then you’re missing a huge opportunity. This business can make you lots of money on campus if done well. All you need to do is come out during the evening and sell. It won’t affect your studies but rather, motivate you into seeing the real world.

Requirements to begin Noodles Stand Business In Nigeria

1. Space

Where will you stay and operate? You can get a table with an umbrella. If you can afford to rent a shop, that will be great. However, make sure that this business is by the road side, a place where there’s lot of human traffic. The best location is what is needed to excel.

2. Utensils

Noodles stand business is a kitchen business. So gather all the utensils you can find, you need all of it. You can even use your personal utensils and long as they are neat and presentable.

3. Noodles Brand

You’ll need to know the brand of noodles your potential customers love. Brands like Indomie, tummy tummy, minimie, supreme, etc are most popular I know for now. My favorite is noodles. If you don’t know there brand to go for, please choose indomie. It’s like going for default.. Almost everyone loves the taste.

4. Cooking Gas, Kerosine/Electric Stove

Go for anyone you can afford. What matters is that it serves its purpose.

The cost of a pack of Cooked Noodles

The cost of a pack of cooked noodles is determined by a lot of factors. First Is how you package your shop and food. A pack of cooked noodles can cost as high as N800 and as low as N200. It also cost more if the customer requires an egg, vegetable, chicken, sardine etc. If the indomie is well cooked and packaged, your customers won’t mind paying any amount for it.

Tips to Retain & Attract Customers

Lots of things needs to be done to stay in business, remember, customer is king. If you can satisfy them, then you’re going to grow so big that you’ll be forced to employ and expand your business horizon. Noodles stand business, usually called an indomie road side business is a business that looks very humble and yet, a goldmine. If you can employ these tips, you’ll go far in this business.


The taste of your noodles is everything. You have to know how to cook deliciously if you really want to leave a good impression. Anybody can cook noodles, give them a reason why they should allow you do the cooking.

Customer Service

A smile can go a long way in retaining and attracting customers. Serve them like you would a king or a queen. Treat them special. If you’re a single lady, who knows, you might get a husband from there.. *winks


You might not be able to give them a free chicken lap, but you can choose to serve them sachet water for free. Little things like this can make a difference.

Always have expansion in mind.. As you grow, think of how to boost sales, like allowing customers to order directly from their home. That way, you can start home delivery. This business might grow bigger than you might have imagined.

Noddles Stand Business is a lucrative business anyone can do. It’s not very competitive, I’m yet to see someone who’s into this business, except the young lady I met recently. If you’re a house wife, a student, a worker, you can start this business part time and make lots of money. Orders are usually high during morning and evening. Start this business and you won’t regret it.

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