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How To Start A Tutorial Center | Tutoring Business In Nigeria

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How To Start A Tutorial Center | Tutoring Business In Nigeria

How To Start A Tutorial Center

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You can make a substantial income from organizing a tutorial center in Nigeria today. This article will show you how. In its simplest terms, a tutorial center in Nigeria is where people, especially students or candidates got for extra lessons or classes to upgrade what they learned in the school.

Arguably, people who attend these classes tend to have an edge over their counterparts in internal and external exams be they professional or non-professional exams; hence the increasing craving for education and tutorial centers in Nigeria today. Some of these examinations include WASSCE, GCE, UTME, NECO, Post UTME (Aptitude test), IELTS, TOEFL, A-Grade, CCNA, CCNP, ICMP, GMAT, ICAN, RICS, ORACLE, A++ etc.

People pay huge fees to get these training at tutorial centers. So, starting one for yourself today is a noble endeavor if you wish to make substantial income off your knowledge or organizational skills. Interestingly, the market demand for the business is very high in Nigeria today.

Basic Qualifications Needed

You cannot teach someone what you do not know yourself. Although there is no stated benchmark standard for starting this business, you still need basic school certification, at least SSCE (though too poor). That is if you wish to handle the teaching as well.

Else, simply set up the business and employ qualified teachers with at least OND certification in the subject/course they wish to handle to take care of the teaching while you supervise.

How profitable is the Business

Let’s say you run only Math lessons at your tutorial center and you have 10 clients, each of them paying N10,000 for a month and you teach them for 3 days, 3hours/day.

A simple math reveals that at the end of the month, you would have realized nothing less than N100, 000. As this population increases, your income also increases. Hence you see that this business is indeed the goldmine many people are yet to discover.

Business Ergonomics: Why The Business Thrives

Tutorial center business will continue to sell in Nigeria. Reasons for this are not far-fetched and include:

  1. The inability of schools to meet the basic educational needs of students call for supplementary lessons which private tutorial centers can boast of.
  2. Private tutorship offers multiple teaching methods plus the advantage of one-on-one contact with the tutor, as a situation not common with traditional “school” setting.
  3. Students feel more at home, are more relaxed and comfortable and this enhances easy assimilation of subjects taught.

Economic Indices Governing The Business Profitability

Some of the economic indices which determine the growth of a tutorial center in Nigeria include:

  1. Target age group the center is set up to cater for.
  2. Location of the tutorial center,
  3. Level of funding committed
  4. Level of competition
  5. Staff efficiency
  6. Administrative prowess
  7. Etc.

Decide on Area of Concentration

You can’t just be a jack of all trades, you must clearly define your scope or who you want at you tutorial center. Will it be school pupils, students in primary or secondary school or for those in higher (tertiary) institutions? There is also the other group – the examination candidates who are looking for a brush-up towards forthcoming externals examinations such as WASSCE, UTME, NECO, IJMB, GMAT, ICAN etc. once you’ve answered this satisfactorily, proceed to the next step.

Do A Feasibility Study, Get A Functional Business Plan

To execute this business properly, you need a functional business plan which will clearly document the following:

  1. The business take-off, sustainability, and growth,
  2. The estimated number of students and teachers,
  3. Income inflows and expenditure,
  4. The subjects to be taught and lesson module,
  5. Lesson plan, lesson timetable, schedule, rosters, registers etc.
  6. Furniture (i.e., chairs, desks, benches, whiteboard, etc.) and consumables (market, paper, etc.)
  7. Marketing and profitability strategies
  8. Exit and/or alternative strategies
  9. Etc.

The business plan, an afterthought of a well-done feasibility study will help in the functional appraise of the business as time goes. It is the business’ Bible; it shows the business where to go at any point in time.

Register The Business And Get Necessary Licenses.

You should register your business with CAC to legitimize it also carry out any necessary registration for licensing as may be required with the local education boards in some areas. If you want to operate some professional and non-profession courses, then you require accreditation of those courses.

Registering the business will make it legitimate and give people an impression that you know what you’re doing. This, you can do at the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) office in the state where you wish to establish the business.

From there, proceed to the Ministry of Education of that state for all necessary paperwork. This is where you will be properly guided on the accreditation of some of the courses you plan to offer at your tutorial center.

Get a Good Location

Tutorial or lesson centers thrive best around residential areas. Avoid noisy environments because of the distraction it will have on you and your students. Instead, situate the business where people live so as to attract high patronage, especially from the local residents. You could even use the primary, secondary or university in town for the business. Later, you may get a place of your own.

Hire Teachers/Tutors

For you to excel in this business, you have to employ a crop of qualified and experienced hands to handle the teaching. You can’t teach all the subjects; it’s not possible. Your staff roll should expand or reduce depending on the number of courses/subjects you would want the center to handle. Get people who are enthusiastic at the job, courteous and decent.

Buy Consumables/Supplies

This includes those things used for teaching such as

  1. Textbooks,
  2. Lesson/lecture notes,
  3. Stationery,
  4. Writing board
  5. Markers
  6. Etc.

This must always be handy to enable the center run smoothly

There are many ways to advertise this business. For a start, you may need to reach out to your target clients which are parents/guardians living nearby to enroll their children/wards in your center. Afterward, the business will just be advertising itself when you do a neat job and the result is satisfactory.

That’s the much we can take on the topic “How To Start A Tutorial Center | Tutoring Business In Nigeria”.

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