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How To Start A Fashion Design Business From Home 2019/2020 pdf

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How To Start A Fashion Design Business From Home 2019/2020 pdf

How To Start A Fashion Design Business From Home

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Nigerian fashion industry is a lucrative goldmine that has piled millions of dollars to the few passionate designers in the country. When we talk about fashion, we talk about looking good which everybody cares about.

Starting a lucrative fashion business in Nigeria won’t require a university degree. You don’t even need to be a pro or a fashionista before you delve in. All you need to succeed in this business is the right mindset, passion and skill.

Recently, a young Nigerian designer graced the limelight when she did an incredible job with a newspaper. She’s Selemon Susan Funke, the founder of ‘Susan Rosemon’ fashion brand. What puzzled me was that this lady is 23 years old and an undergraduate. Irrespective of that, she has soar high and is never going down.

In this era of technology and social media, being successful as a fashion designer is much more easier compared to 90s where you have to struggle your way up. Starting a fashion business in Nigeria will not only make you mind-boggling figures, it’s likely to make you a celebrity provided your play your cards well.

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting A Fashion Business

1. Am I Ready To Start?

Being ready is not about having the required finance, that’s secondary. Are you really in for the fashion world? Are you psychologically ready? The worst thing you will do is start with doubts and fear.

2. Who Are the Big Fishes?

This question will prompt you into researching about the top fashion designers in Nigeria. It will give you an overview of what you’re going into and how to carve out a perfect spot for your business.

3. Which Fashion Niche Should I Delve Into?

Mostly, female fashion designers specialize on ladies wears while the male folks focus on men’s wears. You can decide to focus on kid’s wears etc. But please, don’t be a Jack of all trade. Discover where your passion lies and explore it.

4. Do I have the right Motives?

Why are you going into this business? Definitely to make money. However, you should crave more than just money. When your core motive is to really bring out the best in fashion, that’s when you get distinguished and inadvertently hit the limelight. If you’re in love with what you do, your design will say it.

Get a Training Before Starting A Fashion business In Nigeria

Most skill base businesses like barbing, footwear etc requires you to acquire a training. You also need an amazing skill to excel in this fashion business. If there’s a major determinant of whether you’ll succeed or not, then it’s your level of ability and creativity.

Starting a fashion design business in Nigeria is easy, the only hard work is the training process where you have to enrol in a fashion design institute. Most prospective fashion designers make the mistake of enrolling with these roadside tailors who are far behind the current fashion trends.

Learning from professionals will equip you adequately. Apart from learning how to handle the sewing machine and how to cut cloths, you’ll be able to invent new designs and styles that might end up making you a fashion celebrity. This training can last for six months to a year. Discover a good fashion institute and enrol immediately.

Tools You Need To Begin Fashion business In Nigeria

  1. Tape Rule = N50
  2. Two Pairs Of Scissors = N300
  3. 1 Pack Of Needles = N100
  4. Sewing Machine = N35,000
  5. Threads = N500
  6. Weaving Machine = N80,000
  7. Embroidery Machine = N85,000

TOTAL = N200,950

This is excluding a rental space which might cost over N450,000 per year. With about N600,000, you’ll be able to start this business and start making money immediately.

Potential Profits to Be made

Like I already said, fashion business in Nigeria is a lucrative venture cause everyone wants to look good and feel a sense of belonging. Nobody wants to look left out of the fashion trends. If you can start this business, you’ll be making not less than N100,000 a week.

The only problem is usually meeting target audience. However, if you promote your fashion business well, you’ll discover that you need extra hands to cope with demand.

The cost of making a well designed cloth here in Nigeria is over N15,000. These roadside tailors charge not less than N5,000 for these outdated cloths that’s no longer trending.

Let’s assume you’re able to produce about 4 cloths at the price of N10,000. That’s about N40,000. Imagine how much you’ll be able to make in a week. Fashion Business in Nigeria is among these untapped business opportunities yet to be exploit.

How To begin A Fashion Design Celebrity

The aim of every business person is to grow to tremendous heights. As a fashion designer, you can become a celebrity and become an icon in the fashion industry. Believe me, the benefits of hitting the limelight is mouth-watering. That’s when you will discover that you can sale crappy cloths for over N400,000. I am sure the question running on your mind now is HOW? Let me show you how.

1. Create A Blog

This will be the first step to discovery. Setting a blog is not costly at all. With N35,000, You can have a professional looking blog within a day. This blog will serve as your online home, a place where potential clients can browse through different designs.. You might want to contact me in case you need such an awesome blog or website.

2. Join Instagram

This is where over 70% of your target customers are. The earlier you start gathering followers, the closer you are in being a fashion celebrity. You might ask, , how do I attract followers?”

It’s not really that hard. Here’s a few tips that will help you build Instagram followers fast.

  • Post pictures of your amazing works always. Also make sure the picture is of high quality for best result.
  • Follow popular celebrities. They will always give you an opportunity to promote your business.
  • Always leave, either a negative or positive criticism about the fashion style of a celebrity. You need an exposure if you need followers.

A blog and an instagram account is powerful enough to give you that online exposure. That doesn’t mean you should avoid other promotion mediums like facebook ads, twitter, complimentary cards etc.. Believe me, what lies ahead is too great to miss.

Finally, fashion business in Nigeria is a path that promises financial fulfillment and adventure. Through this business, you might become an icon the world draws inspiration from in terms of fashion. It’s not easy to start, no business is. But with the right mindset, you’ll soar higher than you have ever imagined. The higher you go, the easier it become

That’s the much we can take on the topic “How To Start A Fashion Design Business From Home 2019/2020 pdf”.

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