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How To Start A Dance Studio Business With No Money | Dance Studio Business Licence

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How To Start A Dance Studio Business With No Money | Dance Studio Business Licence

How To Start A Dance Studio Business With No Money

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There are very few dance schools in Nigeria and I keep wondering what the problem is. Is it that there are no dancers or aspiring dancers? Whether you like it or not, dance is gaining momentum in Nigeria and the best thing dance lovers can do now is to establish a dance school business and carve out a niche for themselves in the entertainment industry.

The dance industry is a huge one, with potentials worth billions of naira. If you’re good at dancing, you can leverage that gift into making something significant out of life. I know a lot of amazing dancers in Nigeria, still waiting for a label to sign them up, waiting for magic to happen. The truth is: none of that will happen unless you grab the bull by the horn and fight for that which you’re passionate about.

In this age, dancing is yet to be recognized as a niche here in Nigeria. Are you going to let that stop your dream? Many see it as a part that makes up a musical video. But that is very far from reality. Dance is dance. You don’t need a vocalist or a singer. All you’ve got to watch is the moves and connect your emotions to that of the dancer. It is an entertainment of its own, with its own unique makeup and passion.

Countries like America, China, Korea have a lot of stars who made it from dance alone and nothing more. Dance crews like Kinjaz have made a fortune only from dance. Watch World of Dance videos on YouTube and see incredible entertainment. There are no vocalist or drum beaters on stage, only dancers.

In this article, I’m going to guide you on how you can start up a dance school business in Nigeria and become a millionaire, a star, a celebrity… everything you ever wish. It is not going to be easy, but it can be done depending on your degree of passion and determination. Let’s move to the business of the day. Shall we?

How to Begin A Dance School Business In Nigeria

1. Be A Professional Dancer

Starting a dance lesson business entails knowing your onion. That is to say, you need to be very good at what you do. This is the first criteria to consider before thinking of starting a dance school business in Nigeria or anywhere in the world. If you aren’t a dancer, that isn’t the end of the world. You can hire great dancers as coach and teachers into your dancing school.

2. Business Plan

This business is going to be first of its kind and because of that, you need a good and well detailed business plan. A dance school business plan can easily be made available by a business consultant. But writing it yourself gives you the morale you need to succeed. Please, don’t delve into this business without an adequate map.

3. Dancing Facility

Starting a dance school business is the same as starting a primary and secondary school. You will need a good and terrific location for your school. Location is everything so please, don’t joke with it. After securing your location, get to an engineer to help draw the building plan. You need an attractive dance studio with mirror walls. Air conditioners should be in every hall. The hall will be for practice and lectures. You can have the hall for beginners, amateurs, veteran, professionals, masters etc. however you want to grade your school system.

The facility must also have a stage, where the real entertainment takes place. Making this happen will require millions no doubt.

4. Dance Styles

There are numerous dance styles out there. From Break-dance, to Big Boy, Ballad, Naija dance etc. you can have all the dance been taught in your dance school business. It’s called diversity and it shows seriousness in this line of business.

If you’re going to incorporate these dance in your school, that means you’ll need to employ professionals who knows their moves well.

5.Business Registration

You’ll need to register this business with the appropriate authorities before full operation can commence. Getting an insurance policy will also be a good choice for battling with uncertainty and risk. Having the school registered showed that you mean business and could even be a watering ground for investors to come in and help out.

6. Equipment and Materials

In this dance school business, you need equipment like;

  1. Video camera
  2. Tripods
  3. Speakers
  4. Music player
  5. Wall television
  6. Air conditioner
  7. Notes
  8. White board
  9. Dance pads
  10. Costumes
  11. Lightening equipment
  12. Disco lights
  13. Shoes Etc.

As your students learn and freestyle, you need to catch those awesome moments and moves on camera for your YouTube channel.

Marketing Your Dance School Business

Dance school business isn’t an everyday business, that’s why you need to get your marketing right. Left for me, I would advise employing marketers who will help market what you dream to offer to the world. Print fliers, buy adverts space on some entertainment blogs, buy adverts spaces on newspapers and magazines. Go to the closest television channel and radio FM’s to place an advert.

There are lots of dancers and aspiring dancers in Nigeria, what you need to connect to them is targeted awareness. Run Google Asdwords, Facebook ads etc. these are measures you can take to attract your target market.

Ways To Make Money From Dance Schools

1. Youtube Channel

This is an entertainment business which means, you need to be online and in touch with the world, exposing what goes on within the walls of your dance school to dance lovers. Many dance schools, what they do is to create a YouTube channel and constantly upload awesome and entertaining dance videos for their audience. With consistency, the channel will start pulling in traffic which brings in money through Google AdSense and other corporate advertisers.

2. Dance Competition

Dance school business is lucrative and at its peak of lucrativeness when you run a dance competition that comes with mouthwatering prizes for the winners. With a lot of awareness, many dancers will register for the competition. You’ll make so much money if the competition is well organized.

Success Tips

  • You need to be social media wise
  • Must be able to act as a leader
  • Ready to grasp opportunities
  • Always on the lookout for ideas
  • Don’t be tired of growing.
  • Allow passion to lead, not money!

Starting a dance school business isn’t just about the money, it’s about your passion for dance. If you don’t have such passion, don’t bother starting this profitable business because you might wind up in depression. But with passion and finance, you can shake the very foundation of entertainment in Nigeria.

That’s the much we can take on the topic “How To Start A Dance Studio Business With No Money | Dance Studio Business Licence”.

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