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How To Start A Cleaning Business From Scratch 2019/2020

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How To Start A Cleaning Business From Scratch 2019/2020

How To Start A Cleaning Business From Scratch

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Home cleaning business services is beginning to gain friction in every part of the world and many starters are making mind-boggling figures daily from this lucrative cleaning business. In Nigeria, the figures are adding up gradually. Many prospective entrepreneurs don’t know the gold-mine that lies in this business and that is the reason why this article is coming at this moment.

Cleaning business, also known as janitorial business is becoming one of the services with high demand cause more and more people wants totally freedom from house chores, especially the one that deals with cleaning. They won’t mind paying any amount so as to have time for more pressing needs.

Not only homes, companies, organizations, schools and other institutions can’t do without cleaning services and there is usually a yearly budget for such.

In America, this business has already made many millionaires. In Nigeria, they are yet to fully tap into the full potential of this business. In this article, I’m going to guide you on how you can start this lucrative business and make a lot of money. If you follow this guide, you will be glad you did.

Why Delve Into A Home Cleaning Business?

1. High Demand

The demand for cleaning services is on the rise. A wise man once said, “If everyone is digging for Gold, start selling a shovel”. While there are a lot of profitable businesses out there, there are businesses in which competition is very minimal and demand, yet very high. Such a business is home cleaning business.

2. Easy to Start

No business is easy to start, but at least, this business is easier to start compare to other businesses out there that are overwhelmed with protocols, like Travel Agency Business.

with a good business plan and adequate finance, starting this janitorial business is not hard at all.

3. Less Capital

You don’t need millions of dollars before you can be able to start this business. You don’t need to break the bank either. No matter how much at hand, you can walk your way to the top. Here in O3techy, we believe in starting small and growing to a giant.

4. Freedom of time

Home cleaning business is not the type of business that swallows all your time. Far from that. There are a lot of working class individuals who do this business on a part time mode and they are making ridiculous amount of money every day.

5. Office Space not Needed

One of the reasons why many don’t start their business is usually because of the hurdles that comes with getting a good business location. It could be costly and unaffordable. But with home cleaning business, you need not worry about that. Potential clients can easily get you on phone and invite you over. You might just need a little space where you receive visitors.

Opportunities in Home Cleaning Business

The cleaning industry is a million-dollar industry that is making a lot of people real crazy money. However, you will need to choose a specialty and not be a jack of all trades. There are a lot of opportunities in this business that you can exploit and in this section, I’m going to make that known.

1. Commercial Cleaning Services

This aspect is not like the normal home cleaning you are used to, this is far larger and tends to spill in millions at once. This is the type of cleaning that entails cleaning large commercial buildings which cannot be handled by one person. A contract such as this is what will make you a millionaire within a year. This type requires more workers, equipment and experience.

2. Household Cleaning

This janitorial services involves cleaning of residential houses, pools, gardens etc. You don’t need a lot of equipment or money to start this particular business. Home cleaning business is profitable, especially when you have a team.

3. Specialized Cleaning

This can be a combination of the above home cleaning opportunities; the only difference is that this one is more narrowed. For example, this type of cleaning involves focusing on specific tasks like window cleaning, vehicle, sofa, duct, carpet cleaning and etc. Someone in this line of business makes more cause of their narrowed niche.

Getting Started With Home Cleaning Business Service

1. Go on A Market Research

Before an entrepreneur start any business of his choice, a market research is a must do if he must be successful. Most at times, my readers call me on phone, asking about the market research of a particular business. You can’t do this by staying at one spot. You have to get up, make research, hit the market and document your findings.

The data you get is what helps you to write down a good and detailed home cleaning business plan. Also from your research, you get to find out who your competitors are and the amount needed to start this business, either on a small or large scale.

2. Business Capital

Like every offline and online businesses, you need finance to kick off. By now, it is assumed you have done your research and prepared your business plan. If so, then you already know the amount needed to kick-start this business.

Why many people don’t start their business at the right time is because of financial. In fact, it is the major cause of business failure in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Start by saving your personal money. Get to family and friends and have them support you in any way they can. No matter how little the money is, start and grow from there.

3. Partner or Hire workers

Depending on how you are starting, you will need to either partner with someone or hire workers. If you’re starting alone, because of lack of finance, then look for another person in the same line of business are partner with him or her. The truth is, you can’t do this business alone.

But if you are already starting big, then make sure you hire workers who are experienced and has been in the cleaning industry for years.

4. Facilities or Tools Needed

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Trash can liners
  • Mops of different sizes
  • Deodorants
  • Hand towel
  • Soaps
  • Micro-fibre cloths of different size and color
  • Buckets

5. Promotion

Once you have launched your home cleaning business, the truth is that nobody knows that you or your business exist. This is the stage where you embark on an intensive promotion in other to get connected to potential clients. There are many ways to go about this, like

  • Utilizing social media like Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc.
  • Having a complimentary card
  • Running adverts on popular forums or blogs
  • Posters and fliers
  • Placing classified advert on newspapers or magazine
  • Running adverts on television channels or radio
  • Running Google AdWords etc.

With adequate promotion, you don’t need to struggle about getting clients. You get them without sweating for it and making more money in return.

Home cleaning business service is a lucrative business that anyone can do and make a lot of money. It doesn’t matter if you are already working, this is a business you can do part time until you have the confidence to venture fully.

With a good business plan and capital, starting this business becomes possible. If you love this article, don’t forget to share using the social buttons below.

That’s the much we can take on the topic “How To Start A Cleaning Business From Scratch 2019/2020”.

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