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How To Make Money Through Money Rituals

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How To Make Money Through Money Rituals

How To Make Money Through Money Rituals

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Nigerian money rituals

We all know that witchcraft (and sometimes even black magic) are popular in Nigerian tradition. One of the reasons why people get into the occult is, of course, to become richer, thus, there are lots of different money rituals that are supposed to bring riches to those who perform them. In Nigeria, as well as in other parts of Africa, most rituals are divided into sacred and non-sacred.

Sacred ones can be negative or positive; they involve sacrifices, rituals of initiation, and death rites. The positive sacred rituals are meant to consecrate and renew a religious object. Non-sacred rituals, on the other hand, signify re-enactment; they are merely an imitation.

By another classification, the money rituals can be divided into three broad categories:

The first category involves human sacrifice. This can mean anything, from using a human skull of a person who has been long dead to actually killing someone and using their body parts for a ritual.

The second category revolves around smaller animal sacrifices. It is said that the rituals from this category are not quite as potent as the ones from the first, but at least they do not involve any activities that might send you in jail for life.

The third category includes all sorts of charms that can bring wealth upon the ones who performs them. They mostly involve chanting certain phrases or ‘charging up’ coins to return upon spending.

It is easy to guess that the first category is highly illegal, and most people rightfully consider it too appalling to be performed in the 21st century. Nevertheless, it is the one most often shown in Yoruba movies. At the same time, Nigeria experiences a lot of ritualistic killings to this day, so maybe human sacrifice as a part of blood money rituals is not yet a thing of the past, as you might expect.

The rituals from the second category that are often called Osole require the use of animals, animal parts and plants in order to work. That said, when things are not working the way they expected, people who practice Osole go for human sacrifice as well.

The third category seems like the most harmless one. The charms can be used to maximise one’s sales, charge money for return to the spender and just generally improve the caster’s financial situation. However, as they usually do not involve sacrifices, they are considered to be less potent, thus often disregarded entirely.

But why do people resort to performing money rituals? Let’s talk about it.

Why do people choose to do money rituals?

While it is obvious that people go for money rituals to get richer, it might not be exactly clear what pushes them to do this. Why not just earn money in more conventional ways, like by actually working? Well, most of the time money rituals are the last resort for some people.

They might already be employed, but what they earn cannot possibly cover the cost of living. That is why getting into dark things might not seem that unreasonable. At the same time, there are claims that some people who are already quite rich want to get even richer by performing money rituals.

Now, why would people willingly put what they already have at risk just for a chance of getting richer is beyond us. Getting into money rituals can also make a person feel more powerful, so some do not even do it for the money but for the sheer feeling of immense power.

There are also people who manage to turn money rituals into a full-fledged career by offering ritual services to others. Most of the time such people are charlatans that get richer by fooling gullible people out of their money.

Usually, people that get conned by these so-called ritualists do not turn to police for fear of ridicule, so these con artists roam freely with no repercussions and only get richer, as there is no shortage of dumb people in the world. If you want to learn how to do money ritual yourself, we strongly advise you not to get into it.

First of all, if you are going for the big ritual (involving some sort of a human sacrifice), it is illegal.

Second, even if you are using animals or plants in order to perform your money rituals, most of such rituals (if not all) have serious repercussions.

That way, you might end up with more problems than you started out with. It seems like the safest option to go for is the spells and charms, but most people say that they are the weakest option of all. Therefore, if you want to get more money, just get a proper job, honestly. Getting into the occult is not likely to do you much good anyway.

How To Make Money Through Money Rituals

Blood money might be your last hope if you have suffered so much in this life. You have hustled under the rain and sun and yet, nothing happened. You have acquired hundreds of skills, but it seems as if village people are stronger. Most of your uncles and aunt are wicked and they have vowed to see you suffer in life.

My brothers and sisters, it is not your fault and you deserve to make that money, whether through the dark or through the light. It doesn’t matter, what matters is that money is made. What matters is that you must prove all your enemies wrong this year.

Many of these religious fanatic will say that blood money is a sin, but less I forget, blood money is the culture of our people before the coming of these white dumb missionaries. Ooh yes! Our precious pagan religion died when the white men brought to us a foreign God, taking us away from our root, the original path of spiritual worship. Do you know the funny thing? These white men took our gods and see them today, doing better than us.

By forsaking our old ways and pursuing that of the white men, the gods left us. But few individuals here in Nigeria are still in contact with the gods and they have helped countless people become billionaires. The gods are wise and merciful.

In this article, I’m going to guide you on how you can make blood money and become the biggest boy or man in town. I don’t care if you’re in Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Gambia, Togo or even America. Distance is not a barrier as long as the gods are concerned. Now I’m beginning to sound like a witch doctor LOL.

What You Must Know Before Making Blood Money

1. Blood Sacrifice

To make blood money, you need blood. In the spiritual world, nothing goes for nothing. To get anything, you must be ready to pay the price. When it comes to blood money, you need blood to make it possible. I’m not talking about the blood of a goat or cockroach. You need the blood of your fellow human being.

There’s one rich man who ran mad at Osakan, Rivers State few days ago, he confessed to have killed over eight (8) family members. He ran mad simply because he has run out of family members to kill… His only option was to die, but he was to shy and preferred madness instead.

2. A Medium Is Needed

Blood money doesn’t mean money is going to rain from heaven the moment sacrifice is concluded. If that’s what you think, you’re joking. You need something that the gods can use to bless you. It could be selling of handkerchief, establishing a popcorn business or whatever. There have to be a medium by which the money will flow into your pocket.

3. You Need to Keep KillingY

Your first sacrifice isn’t going to be the last. Ohhhh! That’s only the beginning. Just as you use to eat meat every day, the gods need to eat too.  Although the baba or native doctor won’t tell you this initially until he has already hook you to the point of no return. You will keep offering blood sacrifice till you get tired of killing LOL

4. The End Is Always Funny

Initially, you will feel on top of the world with the blood money you have made. But after few months, you will start seeing strange signs in your house. Like dead lizard, missing objects, awful strange smell, night cries and so many others. What have you done wrong? Nothing. The gods just love to play with his children at night. Don’t be afraid!

In the end, you either die a mysterious death or you run mad. Okay,, this one is somehow bad sha.. Chai! This reminds me of my childhood friend, benedict. He ran mad just because he was one hour late to his monthly sacrifice. I still see him at ibiwe market here in benin, picking cans and waterproof. It’s a pity.

The truth is, it always ends somehow. But it doesn’t matter when money is to be made, no be so? Lemme delve into the next segment of teaching you how ritualist make blood money here in Nigeria. Please ooh, don’t call me on phone, telling me that you need me to put you through. I have not done this before; I’m only writing out of someone else’s experience.

Thing Money Ritualist Don’t Want You Know About Blood Money

1. Blood Money Is Sweet

YES! Few weeks to months of making blood money, you will be in heaven here on earth. You will drive the latest cars, build the latest mansion, have any girl of your choice and even do anything you like as long as money is talking. Now I feel like making blood money..

2. Painful Sacrifices

You might need to kill your precious mother, father, sister or brother. Don’t be sad my brother. Whether you kill them or not, they will still die. Why not use them for something useful, than for them to die for NOTHING… Something must kill a man! You might end up using yourself for the sacrifice anyway.

A friend of mine told me about someone who wanted to make blood money. When the native doctor has spoken in tongues for hours, to know the price he was meant to pay. Unfortunately, the gods said they wanted the blood of the young man. Who knows what they might have seen in his blood, strawberry? That’s how this guy went to a Juju priest and never returned. What about the money? Nothing was seen or heard.

3. Regrets

After some time of enjoying your money, you will find yourself living the remaining days of your life striving to pay an endless debt. To the world, you have bastard money, but you’re not really enjoying the money, you’re in pain, in agony.

You’re always thinking about the next person to sacrifice and most of all, you’re always beating yourself up for entering the world of occultism, the world of blood money. If it was a friend that showed you the way, you will even look for a way to kill him, for being the cause of your mystery and pain.

4. In Bondage

All ritualists are in bondage which is part of the prices they have to pay. Most of them are bound from eating any food cooked by a woman. Most are told not to ever sleep at night. Some are told to always go to the market square every week to bathe naked. Some others are told to eat a mad woman’s poo, sometimes even sleep with her. GUSH!

Having exposed you to most of the things making blood money entails, let’s now go into details how to start. This is very easy to start. Blood money is the easiest and surest way to make money here in Nigeria or anywhere in the world.

How to Make Blood Money In Nigeria

1. Visit A juju Priest Or Baba

Most of them are called native doctor, witch doctor, baba, prophet, juju priest or whatever. In Igbo, they are called dibia. In the olden days, they are known by their fearful looks and magical powers. But today, you can see a young man on suit without knowing that he is the mouth-piece of the gods. They walk around us like normal humans by day.

But when you visit their shrine, you will see them for who they are, the fearful being who connects both the spirit and physical.

The first step to making blood money is by getting a juju priest. I am not going to tell you where to find them and please, don’t call me on phone to ask me. You need to go look for them yourself. Actually, they are not really hard to find. But be careful to avoid falling into the hands of scammers or fake juju priests.

2. The Price

When you meet with the juju priest, he might laugh like a mad man, please don’t laugh back. Just frown your face and be serious to avoid thunder. These juju priest are quick to anger and I wonder why the gods always choose such hot-tempered people.

Also, don’t walk into the shrine with any footwear, also make sure you enter with your back and don’t sit down until you’re told to do so. Don’t hesitate to sit down even if the floor is mud to avoid the anger of the gods..

What’s the Price?

According to a friend of mine, you might be told to bring a lot of crazy stuffs like: the head of a lion, the beak of an eagle, a basket full of ants. Don’t worry, just give the juju priest money to get those items himself. Make sure you give that money with the most utmost respect. I don’t need to remind you what will happen if the man feels insulted.

Those items are just the genesis of the whole process. You will be told to kill the person you love the most. It could be your mother, father, brother, sister, wife, children, girlfriend etc.

When that is done, you will be told to come to the shrine and sleep in a coffin for 7 days. Some people are turned to goat for 7 days, while some are sent to the spirit world for 7 days.

In this stage, many people use to die. If 8 guys go on such a journey, only 4 use to return alive. It is not easy, but money must be made.

After the processes, you will be told what to do often to sustain the money and stay alive. Which could be killing of babies, killing of virgins, eating poo every day, not sleeping at night, killing your family members etc. Anytime you fail any of these, you will die that minute.

3. No Mistake Allowed

No one is perfect and we all are bound to make mistakes. Well, you will have to drop that philosophy before you start thinking of how to make blood money ritual. You know why? Cause any mistake is going to kill you, no matter how small it might look.

Like the friend I told you about, he ran mad because he was 1 hour late to sacrifice. Not that he didn’t want to sacrifice, he was just late. He was coming with a fat human head, the type that will take the gods weeks to finish, but because he kept the gods waiting at the dinning, they have to send the thunder of madness where he was stuck on traffic.

What am I saying? Any mistake in this blood money business will kill you. Did I just call this business? Spiritual business I mean to say. Any mistake in money ritual will kill you or make your mad. Whichever one the gods chooses.

4. In The End

In the end, the gods will end up killing you despite the sumptuous human head and blood that you have brought to them. In blood money, you don’t die with dignity, you die a disgraceful death. The type of death that will make news headlines. Running mad is the worst of them. if your plan was to run to a church, your name is sorry.

Out of 100 churches, only 2 are real. What makes you think you will be able to find the real one? Before you do, the gods have already strike you dead.

Quick Advice

Blood money ritual is not an option when it comes to making money in life. There are countless businesses here in Nigeria that you can do and make money easily. All you need is just a positive mindset and baby God wey dey for heaven. Those who did blood money are in worst conditions today. Most of them wish they can turn back the hand clock, to undo their mistakes. But it is already too late. It is not too late for you, don’t ever make the mistake of doing blood money.

I know the pressure is hard. No work, no job, no help.. Nothing at all. but trust me, you don’t want to find out what blood money is. The day you do, you will wish you were never born.

That’s the much we can take on the topic “How To Make Money Through Money Rituals”.

Thanks For Reading


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