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How To Earn Money From Youtube Without Adsense 2019/2020

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How To Earn Money From Youtube Without Adsense 2019/2020

How To Earn Money From Youtube Without Adsense

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Making money online have never been easy. But one thing every successful online earner will tell you is this: It takes time, hard work and consistency. YouTube was launched in 2015 and is currently ranked 3rd most visited website in the world. It has over 1 billion users and everyday, about 5 billion videos are watched.

If you say earning money from YouTube is impossible, then take a look at great Vloggers like Felix Arvid, Roman Atwood, Lilly Singh and a lot of others who have made millions of dollars from uploading videos on YouTube. Don’t rush out to create an account yet, wait till you’re done with this article cause making money from YouTube entails much more.

YouTube is very much easier compare to blogging, that doesn’t mean you will start earning millions overnight. If you do it wrong, you will fail woefully. Your success is tied to how much you’re ready to know. It’s about discovering what works and what doesn’t and trust me, it won’t come to you, you have to dig around. There’s always a trick to everything.

YouTube is all about visuals and here are some primary equipment you will need as a serious YouTuber.

• Hand-Held Camera

This is the most important of all equipment. As a vlogger, you need this. You can go for cameras like GoPro, Sony HDR-Cx220, Cannon Ti3 etc. If you have the finance and you desire HD quality, then go for DSLRS. This will give you quality, but it’s not cheap to come by.

In case you don’t have the money to get a hand-held camera, talk of a DSLRS, then you can use your smartphone if its quality is impressive. But take note, strive to get a camera cause it will help set you aside.

• Lighting

In this business, visuals is everything and you will need to work with a good lightening to leave a good impression.

• Microphone

In other for your viewers to have a good experience, you need a high quality microphone. The worst thing you will do is to create an amazing video and then murder it with poor quality sound.

• Video Editing Softwares As a beginner, I will suggest you use iMovie for Mac and Windows Movie Maker for Windows. As time goes, upgrading to a more advanced software will become necessary.

If you’ll be using a smart phone for this, then consider having movie editing apps like KineMaster and VivaVideo.

The above is what you need to delve into this business. Yes! This is business and not just a pursuit of passion. If there’s any other thing you will need, then it depends on your niche. For example, you’ll need a keyboard or a piano if you want to run a music tutorial channel. For a gamer, you will need game pads and some game softwares.

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How To Make Money on Youtube

1. Create A You-tube Channnel

The first step to earning on YouTube will be creating a YouTube channel. This is the easiest part and it’s easier if you already have a Gmail account.

2. Discover Your Niche

Take a look around the YouTube sphere, which niche do you think is lucrative and at the same time, not very competitive? When following passion, follow with a business mind. Many YouTubers started by following passion and their passion was unable to make them a dime. Like expected, they quit before two months.

You can make money from any niche if only you will give it your best shot and remain consistent. Consider the following niches.

• Entertainment
• Comedy
• Tutorial
• Lifestyles
• Story etc.

3. Add Content

Once you’ve discover your niche, start creating high quality contents for your potential audience. Here’s a few tips that will help you.

• Make sure to use tags that describes your videos. This will help you to rank and connect to your audience.

Remain consistent. Always have a time frame for posting new videos and stick to it.

• Don’t be scared to do something different, always challenge yourself.

4. Build An Audience

Your audience will determine how much you’ll make on YouTube. Creating quality content isn’t enough. What’s the use if nobody gets to watch them?

• Share your YouTube videos on Facebook, twitter etc. This will help expose your channels to a wider audience. If your content was helpful, you will surely convert new visitors to regular visitors through this measure.

• Where are your audience likely to be found? Then go connect to them.

5. Monetize Your Videos

Wasn’t this the reason for this article? Of course. When you have started getting some impressive views, sign up for Google Adsense by clicking the SIGN UP NOW button. However, the amount you earn depends on the views and clicks you receive. That’s why you must work on increasing your audience.

Apart from Adsense, there are other many ways to earn from YouTube. Here are few of them;

• Product Reviews
• 3rd party advertisers
• service etc.

That’s the much we can take on the topic “How To Earn Money From Youtube Without Adsense 2019/2020”.

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