How to Cancel Spotify Subscription

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How to Cancel Spotify Subscription

How to Cancel Spotify Subscription,o3techy

How to Cancel Spotify Subscription. Do you want to cancel your Spotify sub or have you found an alternative streaming service and you do not wish to be charged for Spotify services in the following month, this article is just for you? There will come a time when you want to move from Spotify and you will need to cancel your subscription to it. By doing this you have eliminated the possibility of being debited in the following month. This article will inform you on how to cancel Spotify subscription.

How to Cancel Spotify Subscription

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Androids users can cancel their Spotify sub following the steps below

  1. Launch the Spotify official website on your device
  2. Click Login and enter your particulars
  3. Click on your username
  4. Click on “account” from the drop-down menu
  5. Click on subscription from the menu on the left side.
  6. Click on cancel subscription
  7. Enter your password and click cancel subscription

How to Cancel Spotify Subscription

How to Cancel Spotify Subscription,o3techy

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You can also cancel your Spotify subscription if you are using an Apple phone as well. In order to do this, follow the following steps.

  1. On your iOS device, Navigate through settings > Apps and iTunes Store
  2. Click on your Apple ID
  3. under subscriptions click on Manage
  4. Click on Spotify premium from the list of subscriptions and then turn off automatic renewal to cancel it.

However, you can still enjoy your sub after canceling your subscription if it has not expired before, you can also re-subscribe to Spotify if you want to keep using Spotify to stream your music. Spotify will delete your history if you are inactive for up to three months.

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