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Ford Explorer and Ford Escape Prices In Nigeria 2020

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Ford Explorer and Ford Escape Prices In Nigeria 2020

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Ford Explorer and ford escape are one of the most amazing brands that have taken over the SUV auto industry. It is just fascinating to know that they are still new ones today as well as foreign used ones are locally that is Nigerian used vehicles available.

The Ford brand has been around for quite a while, though its origin is with the Americans, it has evidently gotten quite also of other Africans who buys their brand. Apart from having big vehicles, it has started to produce small vehicles also to meet the rising demand of its customers and also to compete with the saloon car market, and since its popularity in Nigeria, their parts are starting to become available in the market.

What you should know about the ford explorer

Ford has produced 3 different variety of the Explorer, the compact SUV, the mid-size SUV, and the full-size crossover SUV. Ford a highly reputable brand has and will continue to satisfy its esteemed uses

Like many other ford brands,  the ford explorer has a great deal of class, style and has earned the respect of various car owners around the globe.

Some of the things you would particularly like about the car include

It provides maximum comfort

It has good mileage

It is weather friendly

It posses good-on-road capabilities

Wonderful interior designing

Availability of room/ space is present

But there are undoubtedly some few things you would not like about the car

It is an expensive car to buy

Their parts are expensive and are not readily available in the market

It is not ideal for small vehicle lovers

What you should know about the ford escape

An inline 4 engine car with optimum v6 engine, it is very compact almost the most compact crossover available today. It features more than a beautiful interior and exterior properties to the good ride experience

Things you would like about the ford escape includes

Good sport handling capabilities

User-friendly tech features

Large cargo space

There are also some things you would not like about the car, some of them includes

Its  interior is very premium and you may send a lot while trying to maintain it

It is very expensive to buy

Parts are expensive and not adequately available in the market

It requires a very skilled technician to fix any problem whether mechanical or electrical that may arise in the course of its use.

Here it is, all you need to know about the ford Explorer and ford Escape.

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Ford Explorer and Ford Escape Prices In Nigeria 2020

Brand new ford explorer

Limited 4.6                     – 80million – 100million naira

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Foreign used ford explorer

Model year Price in naira
Limited 2016 26 – 31 million
EX 4.0 7.7 – 10.8 million
EX LIMITED SPORT 4.6 8.5 – 13 million
LIMITED 4.0 4X4 2014 8.8 – 10.6 million
EX XLT 7.8 – 9.5 million
AWD LIMITED 4.0 2004 1.5 – 3 million

Locally used Ford Explorer prices in Nigeria

Model year Prices
LIMITED 2.0 4X4 5 – 10 million
LIMITED 2016 16 – 19 million
LIMITED AWD EDDIE BAUER 4.0L 2012 4.5 – -9 million
2017 1.2 – -2 million
XLT 2014 7 – 11 million

Ford Escape price in Nigeria

Brand new

2012 – 14.5 – 19 million

Foreign used Ford Escape

Model year Prices
SE 2013 7 – 8.5 million
3.0 2015 10 – 12 million
ES LIMITED 4WD 2001 2.5 – 4 million
ES 2012 4.5 – 6.2 million
LIMITED 4WD V6 2003 2.5 – 4 million
2009 2.5 – 4.2 million
2008 2.5 – 4.5 million

Locally used Ford Escape

2002 400 000 – 900 000
XLT 2005 650 000 – 1.35 million
2004 550 000 – 850 000
XLT 2.3 4WD 2008 1 – 1.5 million
LIMITED 4D V6 2005 700 000 – 1.2 million



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