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Filmhouse Benin Movie Schedule Today & Ticket Prices 2019

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Filmhouse Benin Movie Schedule Today & Ticket Prices 2019


Filmhouse Benin Movie Schedule Today

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The Lion King


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Spider-Man: Far From Home

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Showtimes for Bling Lagosians

Bling Lagosians

Showtimes for Annabelle Comes Home

Annabelle Comes Home

Filmhouse Cinema Benin Tickets Prices And Promos

  • Monday – Friday (10:00 am – 2:59 pm)

    Price: N600

  • Monday – Friday (3:00 pm – 4:59pm)

    Price: N800

  • Monday – Friday (5:00 pm – 12:00 am)

    Price: N1,000

    Bargain Wednesday 10:00am to 02:59pm

    Price: N800

  • Bargain Wednesday 03:00pm to 12:00am

    Price: N800

  • Saturday – Sunday ALL DAY

    Price: N1,000 (Students N800)

  • Public Holiday ALL DAY

    Price: N1,500 (Student N1000)

  • Blockbuster ALL DAY

    Price: N1,500 (Students and Children N1000)

Are my payment details secure and confidential?

Your payment details remain confidential. We take certain details on payments of tickets only to enable a secure transaction via your banking institution. We have employed the very latest security and encryption technology to protect you and your debit card.

Does the 25% discount on ticket for Mondays and Tuesdays apply to everyone?

No! These discount offers are Exclusive to active Filmhouse Club Members only.

  • Join the Filmhouse Club. Keep swiping your Filmhouse Club Member card in order to benefit every Monday and Tuesday.
  • You earn points on all your movie ticket purchases on all days except Mondays and Tuesdays.

Filmhouse Benin Movie Schedule Today | Can I book tickets over the phone?

No! Ticket bookings can only be made:

  • By walking into any Filmhouse cinema location from 9am – Close of business
  • You can also make your ticket bookings online at

Can I use my earned rewards at any of the Filmhouse cinema locations that I choose?

You can use your earned rewards at any Filmhouse cinema as long as they are valid and can be redeemed at that cinema location. This does not include 3D Glasses for 3D format movies.

Where can I access a schedule to see what’s on?

There are a couple of ways to do this:

  • Via your mobile phone or computer at
  • by calling your local Filmhouse Cinema.

Can I still book tickets for future dates?

You can book for a ticket with a future date by going to You can also book for a ticket with a future date by walking into your local FimHouse Cinema.

Why can’t I call the cinema directly to purchase a ticket?

The cinemas don’t accept inbound calls with the specific purpose of taking ticket purchases as they deal with customers face to face.

If a movie is age restricted, will kids be allowed to watch the movie with my permission?

No. The age restriction placed on movies will be strictly enforced. The age restrictions are set by the Film & Censors Board (FPB). Filmhouse Cinema is obligated by law to adhere to these age restrictions.

How long will a particular movie play at a certain cinema?

It depends on the popularity of that movie. Since we release movies every Friday, the least popular movies will be replaced with the new release.

Why do only certain movies release at only specific cinemas?

Before a particular movie is released, we have an extensive screening process which decides, based on current trends, which movies would be best suited for which cinemas.

What do the age restriction indicators stand for?

  • G ‐ Suitable for all ages
  • PG ‐ Not suitable for all children
  • 12 ‐ Suitable ONLY for persons 12 years and over
  • 12A ‐ No one younger than the age of 12 may see a movie unless accommpanied by an adult
  • 15 ‐ Suitable ONLY for persons 15 years and over
  • 18 ‐Suitable ONLY for adults
  • TBA ‐To Be Announced
  • S ‐ Sex
  • L ‐ Language
  • N ‐ Nudity
  • V ‐ Violence
  • P ‐ Prejudice
  • M ‐ Mature Accompaniment
  • D ‐ Drug use
  • PG ‐Parental Guidance

Why do I have to pay more for a Signature Screen Ticket?

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The Signature Screen experience offers a wider variety of options such as re-fillable popcorn, complimentary soft drinks and a glass of champagne or chapman. Reclinable seats and in-screen dinning options to make your movie experience a truly fantastic one. It brings to life a movie experience which can only be defined as what it is the “The Signature”.

How do I make a booking for an Event or for the CUBE Screen?

You can make your bookings by:

  • Calling us on – 08123751498 / 08084641767
  • Sending an email to – [email protected]
  • Visiting The Filmhouse Lekki Cinema to make and complete your booking

How do I get FilmMail?

You don’t have to be a Film Club, or even a Filmhouse Cinema customer to get moviemail, just log on to and subscribe.

Why do I have to pay a booking fee on the web?

In order to improve our website and to offer new and exciting content and functionality, it has become necessary to charge a booking fee. Please note the booking fee was introduced following extensive research and has been kept to a minimum. This fee is lower than many bank charges as well as many other web booking fees on other sites.

Why do I have to present my Film Club rewards card when I go to the movies?

The Film Club movie benefit is exclusive to the individual member and in order to ensure that you are the member who is enjoying your benefit it is essential that we check your rewards card before you enter the cinema theater.

Do I get the kids’ discount if I purchase children’s tickets online?

Yes, you can get the kids’ discount online or at the cinema as well.

How do I collect my tickets that I booked online?

You can collect your tickets using your booking ID that you receive after booking your Tickets at the Cinema.

Can I book tickets online without a debit / ATM card?

Seats can only be reserved with payment. The only way to make a book online is by using a debit / ATM card. You can however, walk-into your Local FilmHouse Cinema and pre-book using a debit / ATM card or cash.

How Do I Join Film Houses’s Film Club?

You can join the Film House Club at your nearest Film House cinema. This is free. A validation email will be sent to you after you have joined, on which you can confirm/update your details. If you follow the link and complete all three steps and start receiving your benefits. On Mondays and Tuesdays Movie Club members pay a 25% discounted price for their movies, therefore you will not earn points. Points are also earned on refreshments when you purchase a double-take, sharing or promotional combo any day of the week.

How Do I Make An Online Booking If The Website Does Not Allow Me To Register?

  • You do not have to register to make a booking.
  • Simply choose your movie and cinema, ignore the “Sign in” part, choose the time.
  • The website gives you ticket type options for which to book.
  • There is a space next to the number of tickets.
  • Add the loyalty card number, then click on “add”, and if you choose more seats and have another card number, please add that now, in the same space as before.
  • Only one card number at a time can be inserted.
  • After that you insert your name, email and contact details, read the Terms and Conditions before you add your card details to complete the booking.

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