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Business That Can Make You a Millionaire Online Fast 2019/2020

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Business That Can Make You a Millionaire Online Fast 2019/2020

Business That Can Make You a Millionaire Online Fast

If you have been searching for Business That Can Make You a Millionaire Online Fast 2019/2020, business that can make you a billionaire, how to become a millionaire online free, how to become an internet millionaire fast, business ideas that can make you a millionaire, business that can make you rich, multi millionaire business ideas, million dollar business ideas to start with no money, how to become a millionaire in 90 days, then you are in the right place.

There are lots of genuine online businesses that anyone can do and make money anywhere in the world. Many a time, I have received messages from readers, asking me questions like, What online business can I do and make money?”

Honestly, that question use to freak me out a lot. You know why? Cause it’s not specific and shows of a person who’s yet to know the make-up of the online world.

To many of them, online businesses are easy and automatic. That’s why I’m demotivated to help sometimes, to avoid disappointing them.

Before I go further in this article, I want to make something clear.

Things You Must Know About Genuine Online Business

1. It is not Easy

Whoever told you that making money online is easy, you need to meet with him and please for your sake, give him a slap and run away. Online businesses are not different from offline businesses. The only difference is that online, you’re 24/7/365 open unlike a physical venture. Apart from that, it entails hard work and perseverance if you must succeed.

2. Needs Lots Of time

Honestly speaking, you need a lot of time before you can start making something significant online. In genuine online businesses, you need loads of it. Recently, I was feeling depressed. O3techy is growing too slow and my earnings aren’t impressive. This depression gets the better of me whenever I see the earning dashboard of other bloggers out there. You know what, I decide to know the secret and I was stunned from what I found out.

These bloggers have been in the business for years and they have over thousands of articles on their blog. I mean thousands of articles. I don’t even have up to 400 articles here and I’m complaining.

This discovery made me to slap myself. I need to stop worrying about earnings and focus on creating more content that are helpful to my readers. It’s not easy, but that’s the sacrifice for good fortune.

3. You need To Learn

Before you delve into any genuine online businesses, take note that this path entails learning loads and loads of tricks, tips, techniques etc. This journey is not for weak minds. It’s not for those who don’t know how to seek for information.

I usually find it funny whenever someone chat me up and say, ‘sir, how can I start affiliate marketing?’

There are tons of materials online, both on Google and on YouTube. Learn how to seek for information using relevant keywords. This will help you a lot. Also, find resourceful blogs and add them to your bookmark because you’ll need to visit always for updates.

Learning never stops.

4. Passion

I think this is very crucial in this long journey. Irrespective of the type of genuine online business, there will come a time when you’ll feel depressed and the urge to give up. In that moment, it’s your passion that will keep you going. If passion was lacked, I think I will have quit months ago. But no, the passion inside of me is like a fuel that drives me through hard time.

If your passion is to make money overnight, forget it. You’ll never make a dime.

Why You Should Involve In Genuine Online Business

1. Low Cost Of Start Up

Starting a genuine online business doesn’t require millions of naira. With at least N30,000, you can set up your website or blog and begin. The most crucial aspect is knowing which online field that you’ll be delving into. Before the end of this post, you will know which one to do.

2. Work From Anywhere

Another benefit of starting an online business is the opportunity to work from anywhere. Location is not a barrier provided there’s an internet connection. In fact, you can work from your bedroom and yet, make more money than someone working a 9 – 5 job.

3. Financial Freedom

The amount of money you can make online is unlimited. I know a lot of webtrepreneurs who make over $5,000 monthly. When you play your ball well, you too will be able to make even more.

4. Always Live

One advantage online business has over offline businesses is that it’s always online 24/7. This means, you make money even while you sleep.

5. Easy to Run

If you can operate your Facebook account, then you can do this business effortlessly without any hassle. You don’t need to be a bad ass programmer or hacker before you can make a living online. I don’t even know much about computers, but I run my online business without any hurdle. If I can, you too can.

5 Ways to Make Money Online

Now, welcome to the main section of today’s article. Below is a list of 5 lucrative genuine online businesses that you can do here in Nigeria or anywhere in the world. Please don’t rush it. If possible, bookmark this page for a re-read.



Information marketing entails the direct selling of information to someone who needs them. It could be in different format, like an eBooks, video, software, podcast etc. the goal is to solve the buyer’s need and make money in return.

To start this business, you’ll need a landing page, blog or website.

How To write an E-book & Sell It Online 2019/2020

When you begin in this business, it’s paramount that you establish trust first before selling a product. How you do this is by frequently dishing out helpful contents for free. That way, whenever you have a new material for sale, they will rush it without hesitating.

2. Domain Flipping

This is also one of these genuine online businesses that make their starters a lot of money. This business is about developing a site and selling it to someone who might need it. I’m not into this business, but those who are never stop shouting how mouth-watering this online business is. You think you have what it takes to do this business? Start your research.

3. Affiliate Marketting

Affiliate marketing is a lucrative and genuine online business that is personally making me chunks of money monthly. I signed up to Konga Affiliate program and since them, have been making a lot through commission. I only earn only when a user make a purchase using my affiliate link.

So, you can give this link to your family and friends, even share it on Facebook. The more people buy using your link, the more money for you.

4. Blogging

You can make a lot of money through blogging, but it needs dedication, perseverance, patient, consistency and passion. In fact, you need everything humanly possible because if you don’t, you might quit after 3 months.

In blogging, you can earn through Google AdSense, sponsored post, advert placement, affiliate program etc. you can even sale your digital products like eBooks, videos, softwares etc. take note, it doesn’t happen overnight. You need serious dedication to pull this off.

5. Freelancing

What kind of skill do you have that can be monetized? It could be writing, web designing, graphic designing, whiteboard animation, branding, content marketing, editing, drawing, photography, singing etc. whatever skill you have, you can make money online. in fact, freelancing was my first genuine online business. I made a lot as a freelance writer and I believe anyone can. My eBook on freelance writing is already out. I exposed secrets on how to make serious money in nigeria as a freelance writer.

Call 08112319878

5 Lucrative Blogging Ideas

Blogging is one of the major genuine online businesses that will make you a millionaire if you start right. Take note of the word, ‘START RIGHT’

Many people start a blog blindly, on the wrong foundation and because of that; they find themselves struggling to stay alive, like a fish struggling for water in dry land. But when you start right, you’ll begin to see tremendous progress within 3 – 6 months of startup. The progress won’t necessarily be huge, but there should be indication that you’re trundling the right path.

Below are 5 hot blogging ideas you should take advantage of

1. Start A sport Blog

Sport lovers are countless, like grains of sands in seashore. Do you know what next year is? Russia 2019 world cup. This means more blog traffic and earning to sport bloggers. You can start a sport blog and if possible, become the number one sport blogger in Nigeria if you know your onion very well.

2. Start A Kitchen Blog

There isn’t a lot of kitchen blogs in Nigeria. Perhaps you can join the few players and make cool money for yourself. Every day, people are searching on Google, how to cook vegetable soup, how to make pounded yam, how to cook Ofe Nsala etc. if you can write extensively on these areas, with good quality pictures, you’ll get tons of traffic from Google. You can make money online if you do this well.

3. Begin An Insurance Blog

This blogging niche is very lucrative and high sought out for. Apart from high cpc bids, it’s a blog that attracts huge advertisers and sponsored posts. To make this blog boom, you need quality and helpful content, as many as possible, with knowledge on SEO.

4.Real Estate Property Blog

Real estate is becoming an investment that houses millions of naira. Starting a real estate property blog gives you the opportunity to share from this multi-millionaire investment.

Real estate blogs or websites are where properties are listed for sale, lease or rent. This amount you can make from this type of blog is mind boggling.

5. Begin an Online Store

With a WordPress, you can easily create an ecommerce website using WooCommerce. That’s if you want a low budget platform.  But if you want the likes of Konga, Jumia, Jiji etc, then consider the service of Bigcommerce.

Other Lucrative Online Businesses You Can do

Become A Vlogger (Youtuber)

A lot of Nigerians are making huge fortune from YouTube just by creating their own videos. Most of them are into comedy skits, entertainment, jokes, reviews, how tos, etc. becoming a vlogger isn’t easy or rosy, but it can be done.

One of the major ways to earn from YouTube is through AdSense. But before you can be eligible, you must have at least, 10,000 views.

Importation Business

Importation business is a lucrative online business that has made many rich. This business has been around for years now and yet, the opportunities therein are freaking huge.

The reason many people haven’t looked into this profitable and genuine online business is because it looks technical and geeky. But it’s not.

After your first import, you’ll regret not starting this business earlier. All the business entails is visiting sites like alibaba, aliexpress etc, place and order and wait for your good to arrive.

Start small; it will boost your confidence to venture fully.

A Business Model To Adhere To

  • Discover what people want
  • Discover a solution
  • Build an audience around that problem and solution

Making money online isn’t rocket science, neither is it magic. It’s something that even young lads are doing to train themselves to school. If you establish yourself online as a student, you won’t even see the need to look for job after graduation. Instead, you’ll employ more staffs to help grow your online business.


That is it for genuine online businesses that anyone can do and make money online in Nigeria or anywhere in the world. All it takes to be successful in business it to discover a field, then feed yourself with all the information and knowledge needed to succeed.

Not doing that is suicide and risky. Make your research and then kick off. Remember, anything is possible to anyone who believes and works toward attaining his dream in life. Making money online is not easy, but it can be done. As you climb the ladder, it gets easier. The hardest step is starting.

That’s the much we can take on the topic “Business That Can Make You a Millionaire Online Fast 2019/2020”.

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