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Business Plan For Ice Block Production Business In Nigeria 2019/2020

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Business Plan For Ice Block Production Business In Nigeria 2019/2020

Business Plan For Ice Block Production Business In Nigeria

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Ice block making business is one of the businesses that have been making more money in Nigeria for a while now. It is inarguable to say that sellers of ice blocks in Nigeria are really making money. The reason is simple: Power supply continues to be a major challenge to business owners who need to preserve their products until the next market season or day.

This unstable nature of Nigeria’s power supply has thus plunged many into patronizing ice blocks vendors to keep their goods in safe conditions always. Popular patronizers of this business include sellers of fresh foods and vegetables, street hawkers who sell drinks, ice-creams etc., organizers of parties, hotels, Shop owners, hospitals etc.

What is Ice Block Production?

This is a production process where metal cans, Nylon or containers are filled with waters and lowered into an icing machine, and refrigerated to well below the freezing point of water. The water then freezes and takes the shape of the containing medium in a solid form. What then results is called Ice block.

Ice Block Production Scales In Nigeria

Small Scale Production:

This makes use of a small size ice-block machine which has the capacity to churn out at least 20 ice blocks in about six hours. The ice blocks are then removed for sale and the machine once again loaded for the next phase.

Large Scale Production:

This employs the service of ice large ice block production machines or plant which is capable of producing up to 200 ice blocks in 4 hours. Usually, it employs a large space for the plants.

How Profitable Is Ice Block Production In Nigeria?

Due to the millions of liters of cold water and drinks consumed daily in Nigeria daily, the need and use of ice-block making machines in Nigeria continue to increase. That means more of such machines will be bought and sold, hence keeping business along this line alive. Additionally, there is an ever-increasing need to preserve food with the use of freezers and fridges. This is another market for profitability in this business.

Ice Block Production in Nigeria is a very lucrative business which requires less capital for a start. Your initial investment is in purchasing the ice block machines and water, which is the major raw material for this business.

Ice Block Production Business Has High Demand in Nigeria.

Market demand is the basic reason for the boom in ice block business in Nigeria.  Nigeria is a country with tropical weather condition due to its geography. The prevalence of heat and abundant sunlight here makes the demand for ice blocks almost inevitable. Little wonder, therefore why cases of increased water intake seem to be more rampant here, and failure to do so, of course, results in body dehydration.

However, the opportunities in the market presently are barely served. There are still a lot of places to be covered; Nigerians still line up to buy ice blocks in some parts of the country. As a budding entrepreneur and investor, this is a bubbling goldmine investment you should consider tapping into today.

Steps To Start An Ice Block Production Business in Nigeria

Follow the steps if you wish to start an Ice Block Production factory:-

Source for Starting Capital:

This, of course, depends on the ice blocks production scale you want to go into.

Get Necessary Equipment & Machinery For Ice to Production

This includes some of the followings:

  1. Source of Water
  2. Ice Block Machines.
  3. Ice block Packaging Nylon
  4. Diesel Powered Generator
  5. Delivery Vehicle or Truck
  6. Etc.

Determine Your Business Location

Your choice of business location should be determined by nearness to your market. It is useless establishing an ice blocks production business where there is next-to-no demand for the business.

Design A Good Business Plan

To make it big in this business, you need an efficient and effective business plan. This, of course, will give you an overview of your monthly expenditures as well as income ratios, business scope, and other necessary details.


This covers staffing and advisers for Ice Block Production Business in Nigeria

  1. Staffing: Starting an Ice Block factory does not require employing so many people, as little as 4-6 employees should get it running. These include the machine operators, loaders, and a cashier.
  2. Advisers: The advisers should the people who also own an Ice Block plants themselves who could give you tips on running a smooth venture.

Marketing & Advertisement Strategies

Let us now consider how to market and boost the Profitability and sustainability of Ice Block Production Business in Nigeria.

Below are some of the available options you might use:-

  1. Brand your packaging Nylon with your business logos, name, and swag.
  2. Print and distribute Leaflets, handbills, and Flyers.
  3. Liaison with events manager for recurrent patronage.
  4. Brand your Delivery trucks, if you have one.
  5. Mount a large signboard at the entrance to your business premises.
  6. Etc.

Finally, for success in the Ice block production business, target places with a high population density and which experience much physical, economic, and business boom. Get smarter than your competitors by maintaining a reduced production cost which will culminate in a lower but competitive pricing.

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