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Business Plan For Computer Training Center 2019/2020 Pdf

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Business Plan For Computer Training Center 2019/2020 Pdf

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Computer training Center business is fast rising due to the call to go digital and meet with technological trends. Companies are making it compulsory for their employees to be computer inclined and students all around the world aren’t excluded as computer based test (CBT) are becoming more acceptable.

Computer systems are part of our life and honestly, i doubt if I will be able to live a day without it. Unfortunately, Millions of people are yet to know how to boot a computer system, talk of work with a software. The magnitude of people enrolling into different computer schools is dramatically rising in Nigeria and this presents an opportunity to entrepreneurs.

If you’ve been looking for a business to start this year, perhaps you should consider starting a computer training center business cause it’s very lucrative and less competitive depending on your environment.

All you need to start is to draw a good business plan and make this dream happen. In this article, let me guide you on how to kick off with this business and make money for yourself.

How to Begin A Computer Training Center Business

1. Draw a Business Plan

Like I already said, you need to draw a good and detailed business plan to make this dream a reality. A business plan is your compass to success, a blueprint.

Through your business plan, you get overviews of the amount needed to start the business, including the equipment, suitable business locations, strengths and weaknesses. Not everyone can write a business plan. If that’s your case, hire a business consultant to help you out.

2. Get a Business Location

The best location for a computer training center business is one that’s out in the open, with lots of pedestrian traffic.

The more exposed your business is to the outside world, the more customers you’ll be able to pull. When you’ve gotten such a location, have a big and attractive billboard placed, to help direct people to your business.

Not having a good business location is a mistake that will spell the doom of your business. Consider if your target market are within the environs. Also make sure that there’s always stable power supply.

3. Register Your Business

Please, make business registration a priority in other to avoid any sort it of legal issues in the future. Thanks to advancement in technology, you can easily register your business with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) online through their website.

That means, you don’t need to visit the ministry at all. Apart from that, a business name that’s registered help attract an investor and also, makes securing a bank loan an easy journey. Registering your computer training center comes with lots of benefits I might not be able to mention here.

4. Arrange For Certificates

Trust me, no one will take you serious if you don’t plan to issue certificates at the end of the day. Design a certificate and also diverse a strategy in which they are to be issued. Will they undertake any form of written exam? Will they need to complete a specific task before they can be certified?

A certificate is a way of telling prospective employees and whoever it concerns that this individual is computer literate. I’m yet to see a computer training center that doesn’t issue a certificate after the stipulated duration.

5. Get the Required Equipment

These equipment are what you need to start operation and will definitely take over 70% of your startup capital. The size of your computer training center determines the quantity of these equipment.

  1. Computers ( Ensure that you buy the latest computers)
  2. Softwares
  3. Tables
  4. Computer desks
  5. Chairs
  6. Books
  7. Internet connection
  8. Business cards (For promotion)

This is done immediately you’ve gotten a space around your business location.

6. Hire A Staff

A computer training center isn’t a one man business. You need at least, two staff to keep this business functional and in good shape. Be very careful of who you employ. Make sure that they are experienced, skilled in the use of computer with some leadership attributes that makes learning easier.

Major Ways To Make More Money FromA Computer Center

If you aspire to make it big in this business, then you have to be ready to explore other means to boost your revenue. One of the reasons why a computer training center is lucrative is due to its ability to welcome diversities such as;

1. Selling Of Handouts

A computer training center is a school, a school where people come to learn computer right from their basics to the advance level. So, it’s no doubt necessary that students will be given handouts which they can easily get for a token. This is done to help them further and also boost your pocket.

2. Accepting Gigs

There are lots of people looking for a place to design a wedding card, complimentary card, type a document, design a flier etc. You can always give such gigs to your students as their assignments or class work. When they are done, you grade them appropriately and in return, make money.

3. Software training

Take note that your computer training center has to be divided into different classes. Perhaps you can create a different class where you teach people how to use a specific software or package. From example, there are lots of people who want to learn web designing, Coral Draw, Animation etc but doesn’t know how to go about it. All you need is to employ the right staff for the job and make extra money.

Relevant Skills Needed For Success

Leadership & Public Speaking Skill

Make sure that all your staff or employees have this unique skill cause it will tremendously help when impacting knowledge to the students.

A good public speaker doesn’t spill loads of jargons, he makes complex tasks look simple and easier. Leadership skills comes in handy in moment of coordination and guidance.

Awesome Computer Skill

You and your staff needs to be gurus when it comes to operating a computer system. This will really motivate your students into striving to be better.

When you end up producing students who are gurus, your computer school business will boom because of numerous recommendations.

Finally, a computer training center is a profitable business. Fees can range from N50,000 to N100,000 per individual for half a year. Imagine how much you’ll make with over 200 students.

Visit some computer training centers around your state, find out how much they charge and the duration of training. This will be a proof that this business shouldn’t be overlooked.

That’s the much we can take on the topic “Business Plan For Computer Training Center 2019/2020 Pdf”.

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