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Bedsheet Business Plan | Starting A Lucrative Bedsheets Retail Business In Nigeria

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Bedsheet Business Plan | Starting A Lucrative Bedsheets Retail Business In Nigeria

Bedsheet Business Plan

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Bedsheets retail business is quite profitable here in Nigeria. I never knew until yesterday when I considered changing my worn out bedsheet for something better and beautiful. That was when this business struck me.

This business is similar to tailoring business, only difference is that this one is actually easier and cheaper to start. In this lucrative business, you won’t be dealing only on bedsheets, but also on pillows, duvets and numerous other bedding sets.

In this article, I’m going to guide you on how you can start bedsheets retail business without having to sweat for it. with this guide, you have no reason why you can’t start this business.

How to Begin A Bedsheet Retail Business In Nigeria

1 Training

You will need to train under a tailor who specialize on sewing bedsheets of different sizes. This is because most of the bedsheets won’t be sewed. Only the materials.

Once a customer makes a choice of material and the size, you handle the rest by sewing it up immediately. Most of them will also require a pillow case of the same material, and other bedding sets.

This is why you need to learn how to handle the sewing machine. If you’re a good learner, it won’t take you more than three months to learn that. It is easy. Training will also help you to know about bedding sizes. They are categorized by different standards in U.S.A, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, etc.

Not only that, you also get to know about bed types like;

  • Single bed
  • Semi double
  • Double
  • King long
  • King
  • Queen
  • Wide double

2. Capital

Apart from the sewing machine, you won’t need more than N100,000 to start this bedsheets retail business. To find out the amount needed to start this business, I would advise you conduct a feasibility study. Find out the cost of a sewing machine. There’s no harm in going for fairly used since they are cheaper.

Make a list of things needed to run this business and enquire about the prices. The amount you have at hand will determine how big or small you will start this business. Here in O3TECHY, we encourage starting small and growing to a giant.

3. Sourcing Your Materials

This is one of the major problems prospective entrepreneurs encounter when trying to delve into bedsheets retail business.

They have no idea where they can source for their materials. There are lots of manufacturers here in Nigeria, where those materials can be bought even at a cheaper price. I am not going to run an advert for them, but a quick search from you will expose them. you can also ask those already in the business for a guide.

4. Location

The location of your bedsheets retail business is very important if you must grasp success. One of the common places that have been known to spill in great result has been areas of high pedestrian traffic, like towns and market places.

The location of your business should never be taken for granted if you really want to make money in this business.

5. Bedding Sets

Why bedsheets business is booming is definitely because of other demands which it triggers. For example, someone who buys a bedsheet is likely to buy a pillow, a pillow case, duvet, quilt, comforter, sham, flat sheet, feather bed, bolster, continental pillow, neck roll, mattress protector etc.

This is what has made this business so lucrative to the point that many have built mansions and buy the cars of their dreams.

6. Marketing

In bedsheets retail business, marketing is what drives success, just like other businesses out there. There are many ways to go about marketing in this business. You could decide to utilize social media marketing, radio or television adverts, newspaper or magazine advert.

You can even open an online store where you display your materials, with carts and discounts, thereby driving traffic using paid social campaigns like Facebook. Major markets are hotels, motels, rest houses, hospitals, interior decorators etc .

7. Employ Workers

As the business grows, make sure you hire more individuals who are experienced in the business and are ready to take the business to the next level. By employing extra hands in your bedsheets retail business, you make serving the customers easier and faster. In fact, it is the first growth hack which many business persons are yet to know.

By having extra hands, you produce more and by producing more, you sale more and consequently become the center of attraction for investments and new contracts.

Extra Success Tips In bedsheet Retail Business

1. A Nice Business Plan

Although many business persons usually overlook this, probably because it sounds technical to prepare or costly to hire someone else do it. But with a detailed bedsheets retail business plan, you will discover the road to success.

Many people refer to a business plan as the compass of an entrepreneur. Some call it a navigator. Others will prefer to call it a success blueprint. Whichever one you prefer, know that a business plan enhances your chances of success by hundreds of folds.

2. Business Registration

As the business grows, you should not hesitate to register your business with the corporate affairs commission. This is a step that makes your bedsheets retail business an entity. With this, investors will be more comfortable to invest and banks will be willing to offers loan without hurdles. The benefits of registering your business is countless.

Bedsheets retail business is a good business that anyone who has the eye for creativity, colors and beauty can do. It isn’t rocket science to start, nor do you need to break the bank. All you need is to take a step and you will never regret in.

That’s the much we can take on the topic “Bedsheet Business Plan | Starting A Lucrative Bedsheets Retail Business In Nigeria”.

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