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Automatic Call Recorder Apps For Androids 2019

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Automatic Call Recorder Apps For Androids


Automatic Call Recorder Apps For Androids 2019 .For some of us, the need to record a call is of utmost priority buy sometimes we do not have the time to/ know how to change the setting on our mobile phone. However, there are several applications that allow to automatically record our calls in order for us to listen to them later.

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Here is a list of Automatic Call Recorder Apps For Androids 2019 by oo3techy.

Automatic Call Recorder Apps For Androids 2019

  1. True Caller

Automatic Call Recorder Apps For Androids 2019, o3techy

Although the True caller app is originally an identity app, it is also an automatic call recorder app for Android.

It does not asses your contacts so it is private, it supports a full dual sim also.

  1. Total call Recorder

This app stores records of calls and the conversation taken. It has user-friendly features and it can be activated manually or automatically also. Although this app is not supported by a lot of phones it is still a good automatic call recording app. Sharing of the recorded files can be shared using various means like Bluetooth, Whatsapp, Gmail or any other sharing means.

  1. Smart Auto Call Recorder

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Like its name, it is smart and unique. It automatically records call conversations and they can be shared. It also features a unique option of deleting these records after a period of time.

  1. Galaxy Call Recording

From the stables of the Samsung brand. Its sole purpose is for recording phone calls. It is very efficient and easy to use.

  1. Call Recorder by Lovekera

This is simply the simplest recording app there is, it records phone conversation automatically. It saves the files in mp3 formats and can be shared at any time.

  1. Automatic Call Recorder

As the name implies, it automatically records phone calls. It also includes an option to turn off recording for particular phone calls or phone number. With its awesome integration with google drive, it saves phone convo and uploads them in the cloud for future reference.

  1. Cube Recorder

This is also very simple and convenient to use, it records both VoIP, incoming and outgoing call. This app can record calls in any format that you desire.  Additionally, this app can also record call conversation in WhatsApp and Viber and also skype calls.

  1. Call Recorder

This app does not work well with other recording app activated. It is very efficient and unique. You can save records in any format type and it is very free to download.

  1. Call Recorder

A very simple name for such an advanced app. In this app, calls are recorded and also organized. It is also very safe and secure.

  • RMC- Android call Recorder

This is an Android call recording app, it does not support all android phones though. However, because of the hardware and software capabilities, it can only record when a microphone is connected to ensure that the loudspeaker option is activated during the call in order to record it.

There you have it, Automatic Call Recorder Apps For Androids 2019.

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