America’s Got Talent Registration & Audition Dates 2020/2021

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America’s Got Talent Registration & Audition Dates 2020/2021

America’s Got Talent Registration & Audition Dates

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America’s Got Talent (often abbreviated as AGT) is a televised American talent show competition, broadcast on the NBC television network.

It is part of the global Got Talent franchise created by Simon Cowell, and is produced by Fremantle North America and SYCOtv, with distribution done by Fremantle.

Since its premiere in June 2006, each season is run during the network’s summer schedule, with the show having featured various hosts – it is currently hosted by Tyra Banks, since 2017.

It is the first global edition of the franchise, after plans for a British edition in 2005 were suspended, following a dispute between Paul O’Grady, the planned host, and the British broadcaster ITV; production of this edition later resumed in 2007.

The show attracts a variety of participants, from across the United States and abroad, to take part and who possess some form of talents, with acts ranging from singing, dancing, comedy, magic, stunts, variety, and other genres.

Each participant who auditions attempts to secure a place in the live episodes of a season by impressing a panel of judges – the current line-up consists of Cowell, Howie Mandel, Mel B, and Heidi Klum.

Those that make it into the live episodes compete against each other for both the judges’ and public’s vote in order to reach the live final, where the winner receives a large cash prize, paid over a period of time, and, since the third season, a chance to headline a show on the Las Vegas Strip.

Since its premiere, America’s Got Talent has helped to unearth new talent and kickstart/boost the careers of various performers who took part in the competition, while the show itself has been a rating success for NBC, drawing in on average around 10 million viewers per season.

In 2013, a book was entitled Inside AGT: The Untold Stories of America’s Got Talent, was released, providing a description of the seasons, contestants, judges, and production techniques of the show, along with detailed interviews with contestants from all seasons, up to the date of the book’s of publication.

The show finished airing its thirteenth season, which ran from May 29 to September 19, 2018. A winter-spin off edition is currently being planned, entitled America’s Got Talent: The Champions, featuring acts from previous seasons, as well as acts from international Got Talent shows.

America’s Got Talent Auditions Process

America’s Got Talent Registration & Audition Dates

America’s Got Talent Audition Cities 2020/2021

America’s Got Talent Audition Rules 2020/2021

America’s Got Talent Eligibility & Requirements 2020/2021

Do You Have to Pay to Audition for America’s Got Talent 2020/2021

America’s Got Talent Online Auditions 2020/2021

The general selection process of each season is begun by the production team with open auditions held in various cities across the United States. Dubbed “Producers’ Auditions”, they are held months before the main stage of auditions are held.

Those that make it through the initial stage, become participants in the “Judges’ Auditions”, which are held in select cities across the country, and attended by the judges.

Each participant is held offstage and awaits their turn to perform before the judges, whereupon they are given 90 seconds to demonstrate their act, with a live audience present for all performances.

At the end of a performance, the judges give constructive criticism and feedback about what they saw, whereupon they each give a vote – a participant who receives a majority vote approving their performance, moves on to the next stage, otherwise they are eliminated from the programme at that stage.

Each judge is given a buzzer, and may use it during a performance if they are unimpressed, hate what is being performed, or feel the act is a waste of their time; if a participant is buzzed by all judges, their performance is automatically over and they are eliminated without being given a vote.

Many acts that move on may be cut by producers and may forfeit due to the limited slots available for the second performance.

Filming for each season always takes place when the Judges’ Auditions are taking place, with the show’s presenter standing in the wings of each venue’s stage to interview and give personal commentary on a participant’s performance.

Jackie Evancho’s YouTube audition for Season Five of America’s Got Talent in 2010 was a critical turning point towards her becoming the youngest solo artist ever to go platinum in the U.S.

Between the fifth and seventh season, acts who did not attend live auditions could instead submit a taped audition online via YouTube.

Acts from the online auditions were then selected to compete in front of the judges and a live audience during the “live shows” part of the season, prior to the semi-finals.

Before the inclusion of this round, the show had a separate audition episode in Seasons 3 and 4 (2008–2009) for contestants who posted videos on MySpace.

In the ninth season, the show added a new format to the auditions in the form of the “Golden Buzzer”, which began to make appearances within the Got Talent franchise, since it was first introduced on Germany’s Got Talent.

During auditions, each judge is allowed to use the Golden Buzzer to send an act automatically into the live shows, regardless of the opinion of the other judges; when it was initially used, the buzzer simply saved an act from elimination.

The only rule to the buzzer was that a judge could use it only once per season; the host was later allowed to use the Golden Buzzer for an act from the eleventh season.

America’s Got Talent Judge Cuts

Following auditions, successful entries take part in a second stage of the talent competition, in which they are separated out into a number of groups.

Over the course of several weeks, each group performs per week, at a fixed venue, in which that group’s participants each attempt to secure a place in the live show by performing a new variation of their act for the judges.

Of these acts, the judges chose around 10 from each group to perform in the live shows; in some seasons, participants eliminated at this stage were given a chance to still appear in the live shows by being selected as a “wildcard” act.

The judges have access to their buzzers and if an act is buzzed by all of them, they are immediately eliminated from the competition.

Until the second season, acts did not have to perform a second time, instead moving on into the live shows, with the judges given a list of the acts who would appear in each live episode.

From the second season to the eighth, this stage was dubbed as the “Las Vegas” due to the fixed venue being situated upon the Las Vegas Strip, while in the ninth series, acts performed in New York, with the stage dubbed “Judgement Week”.

From the tenth season, the stage’s format was changed and renamed as “Judge Cuts”.

In each round, the judging panel were joined by a guest judge who helped with making decisions on which act could move on to the live shows.

Like the auditions, the guest judge could use a Golden Buzzer for an act, but once used, it could not be used again. Unlike previous seasons, the Judge Cuts featured twenty acts per round, with seven acts advancing into the live shows, including the one chosen by the guest’s golden buzzer.

Unlike the previous format for the stage, the venue used varied, but included the CBS Studio Center and the NBC Universal Back Lot.

America’s Got Talent Live Shows

During the live shows, the final selection of participants, which has ranged from between 20 to 60 acts and include those that were chosen as Wildcards by the judges or received the Golden Buzzer, are divided into groups and compete against each other for viewers’ and judges’ votes.

The general structure of the live episodes focuses first on four quarterfinals, and then two semi-finals, aimed at finding that season’s finalists. Additional rounds are conducted when required (such as a “Top 8” or a “Top 10”, depending on the season).

Live episodes are broadcast weekly, and featured performances by guest stars, including previous winners of America’s Got Talent.

During these stages, the judges still provide feedback on an act’s performance when it is over, and can use buzzers to prematurely end an performance before it is over; in the first season, the judges could not end a performance before it was over.

Acts which do not secure a sufficient number of votes by the public and/or the judges, are eliminated from the competition.

Those that make it into the season’s final compete against each other to secure the most votes from the public, with the number of finalists varying between seasons.

The act which does is declared the winner for that season, in which they secure the programme’s cash prize of $1 million, and, since Season 3 (2008), a chance to headline a show on the Las Vegas Strip.

Between the fifth and eighth season, the winner was also made the headline act of a national tour with runners up following the final show, stopping in 25 cities.

For season nine, however (2014), there was no tour; two shows were held in Las Vegas for the winner and some of the runner-up acts.

America’s Got Talent (Presenters & Judges)

In its first season, the judging panel consisted originally of David Hasselhoff, Brandy Norwood, and Piers Morgan, with the program hosted by Regis Philbin.

Prior to the start of the second season, Norwood was forced to step down due to a legal matter she was caught up in, leading to her being replaced by Sharon Osbourne, while Philbin was replaced by Jerry Springer as the show’s host.

Further changes were made to the panel and show’s host, as a direct result of each respective member having a need to focus on other TV commitments – Springer was forced to leave after the third season, and was replaced by Nick Cannon for the fourth season;

Hasselhoff left the show after the fourth season, and so was replaced by Howie Mandel for the fifth season as a direct result;

Morgan left after the sixth season, leading to his replacement by Howard Stern for the seventh season.

In August 2012, Osbourne left the program following a dispute with NBC. While the network replaced her with former Spice Girls member Mel B in February 2013, the production staff decided to expand the number of judges in the panel to four – such a format change had already been occurring in other international versions of the competition, such as on Britain’s Got Talent two years prior.

In March 2013, supermodel Heidi Klum was announced as joining the panel for the eighth season, confirming reports that the show would include a fourth judge into its format.

In October 2015, Stern was replaced by Simon Cowell for the eleventh season.

After his eighth year hosting America’s Got Talent, Cannon announced plans to retire from the show due to comments he made about the network; despite being under contract to continue his hosting duties, NBC eventually replaced him with Tyra Banks for the twelfth season.

America’s Got Talent Winners and Runners Up Since Inception

Season Premiere Finale Winner Runner-up Third place
1 June 21, 2006 August 17, 2006 Bianca Ryan All That The Millers
2 June 5, 2007 August 21, 2007 Terry Fator Cas Haley Butterscotch
3 June 17, 2008 October 1, 2008 Neal E. Boyd Eli Mattson Nuttin’ But Stringz
4 June 23, 2009 September 16, 2009 Kevin Skinner Bárbara Padilla Recycled Percussion
5 June 1, 2010 September 15, 2010 Michael Grimm Jackie Evancho Fighting Gravity
6 May 31, 2011 September 14, 2011 Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. Silhouettes Team iLuminate
7 May 14, 2012 September 13, 2012 Olate Dogs Tom Cotter William Close
8 June 4, 2013 September 18, 2013 Kenichi Ebina Taylor Williamson Jimmy Rose
9 May 27, 2014 September 17, 2014 Mat Franco Emily West AcroArmy
10 May 26, 2015 September 16, 2015 Paul Zerdin Drew Lynch Oz Pearlman
11 May 31, 2016 September 14, 2016 Grace VanderWaal The Clairvoyants Jon Dorenbos
12 May 30, 2017 September 20, 2017 Darci Lynne Farmer Angelica Hale Light Balance
13 May 29, 2018 September 19, 2018 Shin Lim Zurcaroh Brian King Joseph
The Champions January 7, 2019 February 18, 2019 TBA TBA TBA
Source:- Wikipedia

America’s Got Talent 2019 Reward/Prize

The winner of Season 12 of America’s Got Talent will be crowned on Wednesday night and viewers will hear repeatedly – as they have all summer – about the $1 million grand prize.

In fact, the winner will not receive $1 million (all figures U.S.). No AGT winner ever has.

At the end of every episode of AGT, a disclaimer flashes on the screen explaining: “The prize, which totals $1,000,000, is payable in a financial annuity over forty years, or the contestant may choose to receive the present cash value of such annuity.”

If the winner chooses the first payment option, he or she will receive about $25,000 a year for the next 40 years. This is taxable income in the U.S., so the total amount received after four decades would be significantly less than $1 million.

This season’s frontrunners are 10-year-old singer Angelica Hale and 12-year-old ventriloquist Darci Lynne Farmer. If they took the grand prize in the form of an annuity, they would be 50 and 52 respectively by the time the last cheque was issued.

Choosing the “present cash value” of the annuity instead would earn the winner about $300,000, less taxes – meaning he or she would pocket between $150,000 and $200,000.

AGT also promises “a headline show in Las Vegas” as part of the prize package. That’s nothing more than performing as the final act in a variety show on Nov. 3 and Nov. 4 at the PH Showroom at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.

Only a handful of AGT winners have gone on to successful entertainment careers. Season 2 winner, ventriloquist Terry Fater, and magician Matt Franco, who won Season 9, signed lucrative deals for their own shows in Vegas.

But singers who won the show – including Bianca Ryan, Neal E. Boyd, Kevin Skinner, Landau Eugene Murphy – have failed to cash in on their AGT success. Last season’s winner Grace VanderWaal has a debut album coming out in November.

Application Instructions for America’s Got Talent

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