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Amazing Ideas on What Should You Share On Social Media

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Amazing Ideas on What Should You Share On Social Media

Amazing Ideas on What Should You Share On Social Media

This is the third part of the Social Media Marketing Series titled “Amazing Ideas on What Should You Share On Social Media”.

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As a marketing consultant consultant, a lot of people ask me what content they should share on social media and I reply them – Test, Test, Test and Test. Try out different things.

Test what content gives you likes, what gets you cheers, what gets you comments. So far some brands more like fashion and Jewelries, you  may be sharing Celeb images or Celeb news but for some other brands, it may be funny news or a viral video post. So just constantly test and see which post gets you the most engagement organically or naturally. Then just do a mix of that for future posting.

So for me, I really like memes, quotes and E-Cards. They are just great for viral sharing. Remember funny = Shareable. Now one little tip when you share content on facebook, twitter, tumblr etc. include a link to your website in every post you make. Think of it, if someone shares your meme and your link is in the description, when that is shared 20 times that description still below in my content is linked to that original image.

I personally like to brand all my memes and quotes so I will put my domain name right in the corner bottom

What To Post

Keep It Short

Obviously keep it short. Posts with 80 characters or less receive 23% higher interaction than larger posts.  How many people in this day and age are just constantly on the run on their own? Not much time right? To remember these few rules, I like to post 80 characters or less. From the date I’ve collected, I get 23% higher interaction or less than my longer post.

Use Photos

Posts that includes photo’s receive 39% higher interaction rates.

Call To Actions

This is some date I have collectedover the past few years and I’ve really been astonished by it. So for the first one, when fans are asked to like a post, there’s a three times higher rates they will like it. Next day, fans are asked to comment on a post, they are 3.3 times higher likely to comment on that post. FInally, when fans are asked to share a post, they are seven times more likely to share these posts. So you might question what I mean by this. Literally, I type this in at the beginning of the post so I’ll say something like; Share this photo if you are ready for the weekend too and it will be a meme about how fridays are awesome.

This is just a psychological subconcious thing. But I am telling them, I’m commanding them to like this. To comment on this share this.

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Posting Rules

The 70 20 10 rule. This is a pretty common rule in marketing classes and so its possible you recognize this.


70% of content should add value and build brand recognition e.g So example you post in your memes, your quotes, different viral shares, relevant articles. You are shaping your brand 70% of the time with posts you make on social media.


20% should be sharing other peoples ideas, articles, content, youtube videos, facebook posts, read tweets but make sure to share things that are relevant to your brand. Other people create awesome stuffs right? So obviously use it 20% of the time


Finally, a lot of people flip this. They are promoting 100% of the time. You are going to scare your fans away. You are going to get people to unfollow you. Only do promotional posts 10% of the time. So do coupons, discount codes, new item on sale etc. Only 10% of the time. So for every 10%, you can only do one.

Two golden rules of content I love.

  1. Commit to Posting as much as possible

Once you start to follow some of these facebook pasges on your facebook insights, you will see some of these million like pages posting six hundred and fifty, one thousand times a week. It may seem overkill but you are hitting your entire market throughout the day with different varying types of marketing materials. But remember to be mindful not to over do it. Some of these brands do so too many tweets or status updates can cause your follower to hide or unfollow you.

2. Engage With your Followers

It all too easy to just push content. People constantly write but engage with your community. When people comment on something, like it. When people ask a question, reply quikly. Build a rapport with your audience and they are definitely going to share it with their friends.

“oh hey, this guy instantly answers me . His facebook page is really cool, I loved his product”. By engaging with your followers, your return is going to be ten fold.

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That’s the much I can take on the topic “Amazing Ideas on What Should You Share On Social Media”.

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