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Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria 2019/2020 Pdf

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Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria 2019/2020 Pdf

Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria

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Affiliate marketing is a one of the top online businesses that have made a lot of lazy Nigerians millionaires. But how then does it work? Many have overlooked this business because it sounded technical and impossible.

Affiliate marketing doesn’t require you being a bad ass programmer or a blogger. All you need to make it as an affiliate marketer is the basic knowledge of affiliate. With that, you’re good to go.

How can you make money as an affiliate marketer here in Nigeria?

In this article, I’m going to disclose in details what affiliate marketing is all about and the secrets involved. These are information many have packaged in form of an eBook, selling them for N10,000. Actually, it worth more than that, judging by the rewards that will be made evident months after starting.

Tools You Need In Affiliate Marketing Business

Every business entails having some tools, equipment and materials before operation can start. In this affiliate marketing business, you need some tools as well. Tools like;


With the above mentioned tools, you’re ready to make money as an affiliate marketer here in Nigeria.

Before sitting down to write this article, I met few gurus in this business and after some bribe, they were kind enough to let me into their dark secret about affiliate marketing. I’m going to share those secrets free of charge on this page, right now without beating around the bush.

Many of us have a huge following on Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. and yet, we’re not making a dime but instead, we’re wasting huge amount of money on data subscriptions. I think that’s about to change now.

How Affiliate Mareting Works

How’s how it works, you partner with a company selling a product or providing a service, you recommend it to your readers, followers, fans, family and friends. When they buy the product using your link, you earn a commission in return.

As easy as that! The next question should be, “Which company can I work with as an affiliate marketer here in Nigerian?”

Top Affiliate Marketing Programs In Nigeria

1. Jumia Affiliate Program

Jumia is considered to be the best when affiliate marketing is mentioned and having been a Jumia affiliate myself, I can also beat my chest hard and say yes indeed, they are the best. Many people have made millions of naira from Jumia affiliate program and many will still join that wagon.

The first step is registering as an affiliate in their affiliate page, getting a referral link and haunting for buyers who are willing to buy using that link. The more users buy a product using your link, the more you earn. Join Jumia Affiliate.

2. Konga

Konga is considered by many as the best when it comes to affiliate marketing in Nigeria. I have also worked with this company and judging by my experience, they are good. Although their commission is poor, so I hard to quit. Better not to have them at all, than for their banner to occupy a space and yet, making me nothing in return.

Apart from my experience, there are many who have really made a lot from Konga affiliate marketing. When applying, the usually request for a link to the page you want to use to promote your links.

When you apply, it takes about 2 days to get a reply from them. JOIN.

3. Amazon Associates

This is currently the most popular and currently making money millionaires here in Nigeria. Amazon gives you the opportunity to promote your interest and in return, make thousands of dollars as commission.

To be an amazon affiliate marketer, you need to know a lot about Search Engine Optimization, it helps you build an affiliate marketing that that’s targeted at a particular product. SIGN UP.

4. Dealday Affiliate Program

The first deal site in Nigeria, making money to all of their affiliates. The website is endowed with a lot of categories, giving you the choice to pick any that suits your niche or interest.

When you make a successful sale, you earn N500 commission plus an additional amount based on the category you’re promoting. JOIN NOW.


I don’t Have A Blog, Can I Still make Money In Affiliate Marketing

YES… Although having a blog is very necessary if you’re serious in making money as an affiliate marketer. You can easily create a free blog using

How Do I Start Making Money After Registering

After registering with your favorite affiliate program, copy your unique link, your affiliate referral link and start promoting it. The more people buy using your product, the more money you make.

Is there A limit to how much I can Earn?

There’s no limit. You can earn millions and billions provided you’re referring people and they are buying products that will warrant such commission.

Can I do Affiliate Marketing Business With My Phone?

YES YOU CAN. As long as you can log into your affiliate account and promote your link. With a browser like Chrome or Firefox, you won’t see a difference between using a desktop and a mobile.

Where Can I Promote My Affiliate Link Apart From A Blog

If you have a lot of followers on Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc then you can promote your link using these platforms. As long as people can see the link and visit the site using your link, go ahead.

Finally, affiliate marketing is a lucrative online business. It’s one of the numerous ways to make money online without sweating for it. If you have a computer system, an internet connection and a little time, then you can do this business even as a worker, student or business person.

That’s the much we can take on the topic “Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria 2019/2020 Pdf”.

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