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A Business Proposal On Honey Production In Nigeria | Honey Business Plan

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A Business Proposal On Honey Production In Nigeria | Honey Business Plan

A Business Proposal On Honey Production In Nigeria

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Honey production business is one of the most profitable business in Nigeria that have made a lot of Nigerians millionaires and if you’re consistent and determine, you might end up imprinting your name in the sand of history as long as business is concerned.

Many people are out there, crying that there’s no jobs in Nigeria, while some few individuals are making mind boggling amount of money doing a business that almost everyone overlooks. Today, allow me to introduce you to one of the hottest business in Nigeria, honey production business. This business will be the next big thing that will ever happen to you.

Honey production business is lucrative, not because of its delicious and tasty nature, but because of how big the market is and how high demand has risen. Honey is makes up virtually everything around us like our skincare creams, food, medicine, even some industrial goods. Because of the health implication of sugar, many people are using honey now as a substitute for their tea and coffee.

The honey market is growing in an increasing pace and only Nigerian entrepreneurs with foresight will be able to harnessed this ever growing marker and amass richest for themselves.

Honey is produced from Bee Species like the western honey bee (A. mellifera) and the eastern honey bee (Apis cerana).

Like it is in the bee colony, the nectar gathered are stored in a sac like mechanism, usually called a honeycomb that is unused. Other bees (workers) work the extra mile by adding enzymes, enriching the deposit they ingested. In the end, mature honey is placed back in the combs and capped with a light coating of beeswax.

Starting A Honey Production Business

1. Business Plan

Like every other business out there, you need an amazing honey production business plan to pave the way to success. A business plan is like a blueprint to success, and not having it before starting your business is like walking through a dangerous city blindfolded.

It’s like testing the waters with both feet. That’s dangerous if you ask me. But with a detailed business plan, the detailed overview of the business will be made known, like the amount needed to start, your competitor’s strength and the location of your target market.

Your honey production business needs a strong and well detailed plan. You can hire a business plan writer or consultant. You can even write the business plan yourself by following the format or templates. Whatever you do, make sure you’re part of the whole process.

2. Capital

Starting a lucrative honey production business requires not much of a capital. Through your honey production business plan, you’ll be able to know the things needed and the amount of finance that it will require to start full operation.

If you’re starting on a low budget, N100,000 is enough to start. The amount needed is dependent on how big or small you want to start. Here at EntMirror, we believe in starting small and growing to a giant.

3. Register Your Business

If you have big dreams for this honey manufacturing or production business, then you need to consider registering the business with the appropriate authorities like the Corporate Affairs Commission and NAFDAC. In fact, NAFDAC should be top in your priorities since its edible and consumable.

The advantages of registering your business cannot be overemphasized. Not only does it make you serious as an entrepreneur, it also attracts some investors and also, gives you the capability to be able to seek for bank loans.

4. Choose A Location

Your business location is very important as long as honey production business is concerned. Your breeding location should be situated in place where there’s access to water supply and also, facing east. Having trees, flowers and other kinds of plants is also advisable for breeding bees for honey.

Apart from the breeding, the road to the market should be accessible and

5. Order For Bees

As a starter, a 3 round package will contain a 10,000 bees. You can source for bees from Local bee keepers or from another bee farm.

6. Harvest

Harvest in honey production business isn’t for the amateur. As a starter, you might need to involved someone that’s highly experienced and ready to guide you. That is to say, you need a mentor in this business. But if you have access to none, you can easily learn through YouTube videos.

To start harvest, you need to clad in a safety amour to protect yourself from bee sting.

How to Package Your Money

Honey is naturally appeasing to the eye, however, you also need to take an extra measure in other to beat competition and gain customers through your packaging.

Get a classic bottle with a well-designed label. This is also the stage where you think about brand name you’ll love to adopt. Honey production business is very profitable if you play your ball well.

How to Market Your Honey

The market for honey is very large and the demand is also flying like an eagle. Good marketing is very important in this honey business if you must make something significant in a short while. In the section, allow me to make known some of the markets available for you in this business.

  1. Hospitals
  2. Churches
  3. Supermarket
  4. School
  5. Mosques
  6. Hotels
  7. Public Places
  8. Offices

There are many mediums by which you can easily advertise your honey business and make mind boggling amount of money in weeks. They include:

1. Social Media ADs

Social media ads like Facebook ads, twitter, Instagram etc. are nothing but one of the numerous ways you can advertise your business through social media. You can hire an expert who can run a well targeted ad for you. This is done to create awareness cause through that, customers are gained and brand awareness made.

2. Complimentary Cards

In this honey production business, a complimentary card can go a long way. Everybody is a potential customer, even I that is writing this article. What you need to do is give it out whenever a potential customer is sighted.

3. Tv/Radio Advert

Honey production business is lucrative if your customer base is huge. One of the ways to build your customer base and market your honey product will be running either a television or radio advert. This doesn’t cost much anyway. With a little token, you can have your business on air.

4. Newspaper Advert

I love using the classified advert whenever I want to run any newspaper advert. That is because it’s cheap and very efficient when creating awareness and connecting to potential market.

Honey production business is the business that might actually transform your financial life for the better. With a detailed business plan, capital and determination, you’ll be able to make it huge in this business.

That’s the much we can take on the topic “A Business Proposal On Honey Production In Nigeria | Honey Business Plan”.

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